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Bitcoin Art

Look at All the Work Behind This One Piece of Bitcoin Art 

Bitcoin is Love: Lovers Running from Fiat Storm

by Flo Montoya

In this artwork, inspired by Pierre Auguste Cot’s “The Storm” (La Tempete), we find a different kind of love amid a financial storm—Satoshi’s love for humanity through Bitcoin.

Satoshi left a legacy of love: the revolutionary network and the humble departure. Bitcoin’s birth was marked by equality, devoid of shortcuts or privilege.

In this piece, lovers run hand in hand through the fiat storm, symbolizing the love infused in Bitcoin, transcending borders and empowering individuals. Love, the driving force, propels them forward through the financial turbulence.

“Bitcoin is love” celebrates the love story between humanity and a revolutionary idea, reminding us that love can weather any storm, emerging stronger on the other side.

Proof of Work

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