Look How Happy Saifedean is to Accept That Plushie

From SHAmory:

Q: Who was the first @TheBitcoinConf sale to?

A: OG #Bitcoin author @saifedean! We are honored to hear that your kids make you read them Goodnight Bitcoin every night and hope they enjoy If You Give a Monster a Bitcoin just as much. Swing by booth 104 to grab a copy yourself!


SHAmory is a STEM awarded board game that teaches kids all about bitcoin! It comes with cute plushies and even more to keep your little ones interested.

Orange pill your kids before the fiat mentality is cemented in them. It’s a lot harder to do that afterwards.

Use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN for 10% off. https://loveisbitcoin.com/shamory

George Saoulidis

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