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Bitcoin Memes

Look How I Work at Love is Bitcoin! 

I gave a presentation to Access Tribe about content creation, community and how I manage those things here at Love is Bitcoin. Enjoy!

Every Business Will Be a Bitcoin Business – Session 11 Content Creation, Flo Montoya

From Access Tribe: of has kindly allowed us to open-source her session on content creation 🎨 for the Female Founders course “Every Business Will be a Bitcoin Business”. ✨Flo is a phenomenal artist 👩‍🎨 in her own right, you can check out her work here: 🎭 She also creates wicked funny memes and content for magazine 🎉 This was a fun and lighthearted session for our program! Check it out 👇 #FemaleFounder #Art #Business #StartUp

Watch it and tell me how you liked it!

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