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Bitcoin Bunnies

Meet the Bitcoin Bunny Who’s Been In This Space Longer Than You 

Abigail Joy has had a very interesting journey through crypto. It started in January 2017 when she accepted a simple job and knew nothing about it and then at some point she became orange-pilled and turned into a bitcoin maxi.

Here’s her bitcoin journey, as told through her own words and photos in this twitter thread.

Here’s a lil about me for everyone saying I’m a bot🤖 (I don’t have to explain myself, but I enjoy talking about my journey). I bet I’ve had more interesting experiences IRL than u in the crypto space 🤪

This is my 2nd day after learning about #Bitcoin January 2017! Abigail Joy interviewing John McAfee.

I get that women are rare in the space & it’s hard to believe we exist or aren’t just grifters. Which is funny I have to explain I’M not a grifter when I’ve been around longer than the plebs. Funny thing being a woman in Bitcoin on the internet. I love how this pic says PROOF🤣
To prime my journey I was 1 out of probably 20 women at this small conference in Miami Beach. Some of them hired by the group I was with. Which this event exponentially blew up the next year (more than sold out bc it was right after the ‘17-‘18 pump). It was really cool to see.

So back to the beginning— On January 2017 I was hired as a Tradeshow model in Miami (I am a Florida Native) & my client needed help conducting interviews last minute even tho that wasn’t part of the job description, I am always down for a challenge…

…even though I never heard of a blockchain before in my life…I made up some questions & started approaching speakers and CEOs. Bitcoin was worth around $850 & everyone was raving how it would reach $1,000. I was like these people are crazy! Haha, but I was open.

After this event for a couple years before the lockdowns I traveled the world interviewing, hosting, creating content, educating followers & making/introducing connections in the crypto world to attempt to help others get the ball rolling for their projects.

Even won a couple tickets for me and my friend to go on the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, which @officialmcafee was at, chillin in the DJ area with his wife @theemrsmcafee here’s an article about how day 1 of the Mediterranean cruise was:

Some pictures, videos & inspiration from the cruise.

Fun fact: I got robbed when we got off the cruise in Barcelona (v common to happen to tourists there) which fudged up our flight to Paris so a friend we met on the cruise connected @queentatiana & I & she let us stay w her! We went to dinner & I met @ToneVays for the 1st time!

Getting a new passport so we could leave Catalonia 😫
We also met a guy on the cruise who got his Rolex snatched off his wrist by a thief before we boarded! 😳

I started to bring my fren Nicole to help me w interview/meetings but mainly jus cuz I needed a gf to witness how freakin’ awesome this space is! Literally sum of the coolest times of my life &the friends/connections that I’ve made thru travel are the best part💥#ProofOfWork #PoW

Some more fun pictures from my crypto ventures, honestly I have way more than this that I’d also love to post, but it’s already becoming too many for this thread. Sorry not sorry 😭.

During the lockdowns of 2020 | got completely orange pilled by @orangepillpod & everything that I had been experiencing, learning & processing just CLICKED in my head! Thanks to @stacyherbert & @maxkeiser 🙏🏼🍊

Special shout-out to @TinaBGlobal for putting me on to all of this knowledge, encouraging, guiding & taking a chance on me! You have changed my life for the better. You are loved woman! 😍

Please share your journey & tag me if you feel inspired to do so! More people need to know our stories! Keep stacking sats anon!

Follow Abigail Joy at these links and also on Nostr npub102prrc2cqhsmy9ne79uav45hxk83uz4jpngk5mtc5fgtrt5gjw9s04nrt3

Did you enjoy this bitcoin story? Then zap some sats straight to Abigail!

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