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Men in Your 20’s, You Need to Read This ASAP

Men in Your 20’s, You Need to Read This ASAP 

You think you have time. You don’t.

I’m now 17 days from being 29… let me tell you,

30 will hit you quick. 

Get moving.

Stop thinking about chasing girls.

Start thinking about building yourself.

Focus on becoming the best you can be.

She’ll come without you needing to look.

Don’t rely on your college degree to carry you through life.

Trust me when I say:

Most degrees have almost ZERO real-world relevance.

Start listening to podcasts, watching Youtube & reading books to develop yourself.

Don’t be lazy.

When you find something you enjoy. Commit to it.

Half-Assing will kill your growth.

There’s no guarantee that everything you do will work out.

This is a great time for you to experiment.

Embrace volatility. 

It’s the best way to build mental strength.

It’s up to you if you spend your 20s partying.

I partied hard but you know what?

I wish I didn’t.

Cost me my health & development.

Better alternative:

Good food, deep conversation & glass of whiskey .

In the end, you get to decide, whether you want an average life. 

Or, you want to create a life you’ll be proud of.

Whichever path you take, remember: 

Your future self, family & generations are counting on you.

The keys to a happy life are:

  • Exercising daily
  • Get lots of sunlight
  • Eating a clean diet
  • Prioritizing sleep
  • Being ferociously selfish
  • Surrounding yourself with inspiring people

Drinking, drugs & late nights will cost you.

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s dangerous.

Invest time into your purpose. 

Something that gives your life meaning. Something bigger than yourself.

Could be building a company, could be using your content to touch lives, could be making a difference in whatever way.

Please, just do something.

Ignore the pressure to get married by 30.

Scarcity mentality leads to bad decision making. As a man, you have your whole life for this.

Instead, find something meaningful to do. That’s what contributes to your happiness & will make you truly wealthy.

Women can wait.

Plan trips + invest in knowledge + buy #bitcoin + work out + build great habits + develop an inspiring social group.

You must invest in your tomorrow. 

This is how you bulletproof your future.

Don’t trust your government.

Don’t trust the news.

Don’t trust your school education.

Unlearn your conditioning.

Reprogram yourself with books, podcasts & philosophy.

Prioritize lifting weights regularly.

Your confidence, health & attitude will benefit.


Girls will chase you instead.

You’re going to make mistakes.

But, you know what?

Embrace it! You’re young.

The quicker you fuck up, the quicker you’ll learn.

Don’t beat yourself up. 

Keep moving.

Everything I learned over the last 9 years I put in here. Open Source: ₿lueprint:

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