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Mission Accomplished for Belgium (Part 4)
Bitcoin Memes

Mission Accomplished for Belgium (Part 4) 

Ben Val Hool and Helen Van Hulle got jealous after seeing Orange Pill App trying to Orange-pill the US Congress and tried to do the same for Belgium.

Well, today they succeeded. Proof of Work:

Mission accomplished. Today we drove to the Flemish Parliament in Brussels, to deliver all 124 copies 📚 of the Bitcoin Standard (dutch version) written by Dr. Saifedean Ammous.

Thx to @bvanhool from @JAN3com for organising this!

They were delivered at the main secretariat of the parliament and this friendly lady will drop a copy in the postbox of each representative. So imagine how they will react finding this book 👀 today or tomorrow.

Flanders is a part of Belgium that has 6.7 million inhabitants. They have partial fiscal autonomy, representing 32% of their budget. But the Flemish MPs are also part of parties that are active at the national level. So hopefully they can spread some #bitcoin❤️

It all started with a meme by @LoveIsBitcoin21

Ben and Helen

And they also added a little note.

Here’s what we added as a note, without wanting to be intrusive:

(Original in dutch)

Dear Flemish People’s Representative,

You are receiving this book, along with hundreds of other politicians around the world. 131 donors have contributed to deliver these 124 copies to the Flemish Parliament. Similar actions are already underway in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Finland, Germany and the Philippines.

The Bitcoin Standard is the most widely read book on Bitcoin. It has now been published in 36 languages. This book is the conclusion of years of research into the economic problems caused by the current money system, how previous societies solved these problems and how bitcoin can provide a solution for modern society.

However, the book is in no way an advertisement for bitcoin or an invitation to purchase bitcoin yourself.

A critical view is necessary, but do not be put off by the overload of misinformation currently circulating about bitcoin in the media.

Bitcoin belongs to the people, for the people.

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure.

Read the rest of what happened and how this crazy thing started.

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