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My European Adventure: Hunting Down Beetcoin Conferences 

I went ´Beetcoin conference hunting´ in Europe and I totally loved it…

Let me tell you all about it!

As you know, I´m a citizen of the world, so I´m everywhere and nowhere at the same time, always… Except for the last couple of weeks, when I was in Europe, particularly I visited Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

My first conference hunting experience might be seen as a failure, since said conference which must not be named, was moved 6 months, so I was left conferenceless in the beautiful city of Berlin. I had to take action into my own hands, and luckily for me, I discovered that there are a lot of Beetcoin-lover Germans, who meet every month in many cities.

I crashed this amazing meetup of more than 50 people and was left with a very good impression… Of a variety of ages, styles and origins, these people gathered together to build a community based on the common idea that Beetcoin is going to change the world. Something very cool is cooking down in Germany, I can tell you.

This experience lifted my spirit as I continued my journey in the hunt for a Beetcoin Conference. 

I made my way all up to Amsterdam, where I finally catched Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023. The excitement of finally being there was too much, I was going to experience first hand one of these transforming events.

The first day came, and there I was; Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In My Lane. Focused. Flourishing.Wearing my Panties for Bitcoin shirt. Living the life.

When you wear Panties for Bitcoin logo, oh believe me darling, you are getting noticed. People asked me about this project and I was so happy to be able to talk about it. Everything flows easily when things are right, when you can trust quality, concept, origin… And P4B has it all.

I was even given a present to play with, so if you know me, then you know I was totally in my happy place at the moment. I chose to hide the present and give several hints on social media, I wanted someone special to take the product… and so it happened. 

The second day of the conference, the soft, Italy made, cotton only panties were found by a new very happy owner. But that’s not all. I had talked with so many incredible beetcoiners, met people from all over the world, so many Beetcoin companies building amazing stuff… and in all of this, I had the pleasure of stamping some metal.

I stamped my seed words on titanium from You can get your own kit with the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN15 for a whopping 15% off.

Ok, so here is the awkward, embarrassing truth… I hadn’t stamped my seed words before Amsterdam. I know what you are thinking, Am I crazy? Who has their seed phrase on paper? The staff from Stamp Seed were incredibly supportive and didn’t make fun of me for this, they actually helped me learn how to properly stamp that metal, and boy was that fun! I’m fully convinced that there is no better way to take care of precious Beetcoin and sats other than this.

So I left Amsterdam with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, I had met people living amazing lives, some of them had opted out completely, others were focused on changing society, many are building to improve our whole experience as Beetcoiners. I left with new knowledge, skills and books to keep learning… I was ready to keep hunting.

The hunger for new conferences only increased after Amsterdam, and so I started my final flight of this journey, to the dazzling city of Lugano. 

Adam Back liked my memes!

I arrived there, a bit more tired, one less bag, but not less motivated… I was about to hunt for my second conference in less than 10 days! Plan B Forum is really a recommended experience. The focus is on every Beetcoiner, with plenty of opportunities to meet and generate new relationships. There I had the chance to feel like real Beetcoin royalty, and I´m not gonna lie, I liked it.

Zap me I can’t get up, legs don’t work no more.

Sat on the Beetcoin throne, with my feet up the dirty pile of fiat and wondered about the future, What´s expecting us for the next years to come?

In this empowered but also very emotional feeling, I have to mention another highlight of Conference Hunting… the Beetcoin book authors. This is the perfect opportunity to thank the guy who orange pilled and turned your brain cells into complete rebels, you can also pick their brains, get a signed book and of course, get yourself some amazing orangepilling gifts for back home. 

And now you might be wondering, why haven’t you talked about the talks in the conference, isn’t that what one would actually go to a conference for? Yes, absolutely, but I’m not going to lie, like you back home, I have to look for most of the talks on youtube and there is a reason for it. It might be a bit confusing, but hear me out; It all goes back to my alter ego, the human who is currently giving life to me, Libby.

This lady is an artist, and for this reason, we were always hanging at the Gallery and Bazaar of each conference. And this is the last part of the conference hunting post, the art gallery. In every conference there is room for art, some of them have big halls, while others have small aisles, in any case, this is something you shouldn’t miss. This is the opportunity to see pieces in real life that are going to collectors all over the world, probably never to be seen in public again. All these artists are part of the decentralized marketing team of Beetcoin, the cultural aspect of this groundbreaking technology. If you wonder how your life could be after hyperbitcoinization, the gallery should be your first stop in any conference…

Plus you get to talk to the crazy, friendly Beetcoin-obsessed artist about anything you like! Of course you don’t need to know anything about art, you just need to be willing to enjoy and appreciate the work of artists all over the world! 

I left the perfect city of Lugano to start my journey back home, feeling very proud of the conferences I hunted on this trip.

With this final sentiment of happiness and overwhelming emotions, I realized that I had finally found my vocation. I always thought it was memes, but it turned out, I want to be a professional conference hunter!

I can only leave you with the questions we are all probably asking ourselves: After hyperbitcoinization, will there be more conferences for me to hunt? Will every conference, be a bitcoin conference? or will I be left with a void and the question of what´s next… 

Only time will tell.

Follow me on my travels on Twitter/X and find my artwork at my site

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