It’s really happening. Yellow, the hilarious shitposter from Greece (Icoffender)has turned into a plush toy and is apparently irresistible. Yes, it’s the very same guy who eats spanakopita while running a Twitter Space for endless months now, playing Don’t Stop Believin’ and talking about bitcoin with other plebs online.

Very bullish indeed.

I’m not sure if Red Bull is included.

You can get Yellow on Plebeian Market, the marketplace that runs on Lightning.

Interestingly enough, the Plebeian Market is apparently shifting to being a native to nostr. Here’s a note I read there just as I was writing this:

Mar 2, 2023, 6:16 PM

Hello Anon… yeah we are literally in the process of ditching twitter completely… we used it originally to launch the site and make it super easy for plebs to create an auction simply by tweeting some text and a bunch of images… a lot has changed since and we are pivoting to nostr We will be hosting images ourselves and everything else will be getting nostrified Please bare with us


This tweet thread is quite entertaining. Apparently Ronin’s girlfriend wants one.

But Paul wouldn’t let that thing anywhere near his kids:

Would you buy the malaka plushie for your girlfriend, or worse, your daughter?

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