Nerdminer Goes to the Moon in This Amazing 3D-Printed Case That Looks Like a Spaceship

I noticed this guy’s design a while ago about the nerdminer. It looks seriously cool.

*SpaceNerd🚀⛏️ update

This is how I envision the back of the Space Nerd case. I still have to perfect the clip system between the two parts, and add a fan at the back.


He tried to 3D print that.

But it failed. Oh no!

He didn’t give up. Fixed some faulty equipment and now….

2nd Test #StarshipNerdMiner ⛏️🍀🚀

This time I fixed the problem of printing by extrusion we have a correctly printed model! I am more than satisfied !
It is incredibly realistic and true to 3D design. The B could be more visible, right ?

Looks nice! Very orange and shiny. Get in touch with if you want the spaceship too.

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