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Books currently available:

We Need to Talk About Bitcoin

By George Saoulidis

A guide for bitcoiners on how to orange-pill people.

Have you ever wanted to explain bitcoin to someone but got stuck on how to get the message across?

Maybe they were misinformed with FUD and false facts about bitcoin, but you didn’t know how to counter with a good argument.

If that’s the case, then this guide is for you.

This is an attempt to explain bitcoin in plain words, break the FUD, and to detail some situations where an orange-piller might have some success in helping others see the light.

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Rhyming Bitcoin

By Brekkie von Bitcoin. Illustrated by Florencia Montoya

Bitcoin is hope, freedom, and inspiration for millions around the world, and “Rhyming Bitcoin” is meant to gently ease newcomers down the rabbit hole in a fun way reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland. “Rhyming Bitcoin” doesn’t tackle the how of Bitcoin, but rather the why.
Written by Bitcoin artist and advocate, Brekkie von Bitcoin, and illustrated by Chilean Bitcoin Artist, Florencia Montoya, “Rhyming Bitcoin” seeks to take readers of all ages on a journey of imagination, to leave them feeling more hopeful, and hopefully, more curious about Bitcoin.

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Who Are the Bitcoiners?

By Tomer Strolight

What makes a bitcoiner tick? Tomer Strolight attempted to capture the ethos of a bitcoiner in a series of articles, collected here for easier reading.

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