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Oh How History Always Seems to Repeat Itself, Doesn’t It?

Oh How History Always Seems to Repeat Itself, Doesn’t It? 

This is the newspaper headline that Satoshi Nakamoto chose to include in the Genesis Block back in 2009. The why was pretty clear, he must have been upset for yet another bailout for banks while people were in need of an escape hatch from fiat money printing.

While bitcoin has taken the world by storm it still hasn’t reached mass adoption and still hasn’t quite reached the necessary critical mass for it to achieve a network effect. But it will.

So, here’s today’s headline, on a day after not one but two banks collapse under fiat shenanigans causing them to fail.

As one of the biggest banks propping up the ponzis ran by tech companies, Silicon Valley Bank has been bailed out.

This is the sentiment online:

I cannot believe that this *wasn’t* btc’s doing. Like these banks aren’t collapsing because the masses all suddenly were like “hmmm, let’s opt out of this with bitcoin” instead it was just … a bank acting like a bank and dying?

George Kaloudis

“oh yeah just put that on my debasement tab”

Really what people are fighting for is access to the printer. They want the people controlling the printer to print for them, but not for other people.

“print to make me whole!” the VC whores say. “If you don’t print for me, there will muh contagion and you will also have to print for them too!”
Here’s a novel concept, how about just not printing? We use this scarce money and nobody gets to print.

Stephan Livera

What do you think, will we ever learn, or will the Cantillionaires win this round?

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