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Bitcoin Art

Ok Internet, Let’s Settle This One, Bitcoin or Woman? What do You See Here? 

You must have seen these around social media for the past couple of days.

They’re AI generated images with Control Net, a technique that forces a specific pattern on the image generation, and the end results are sometimes mesmerising.

Do you see the bitcoin symbols in all of them?

Hey anon, did you know that you can make all of these UNCENSORED with Stable Diffusion running on your own sovereign node? You can get it with the coupon code LOVEISART for $200 off! Yes, for real.

The Server Pure from Start 9 Labs is a self hosted machine that can run anything you need, including AI art and text tools with no censorship. The LOVEISART coupon is limited-time only, the LOVEISBITCOIN coupon gives you 9% off forever.

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