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Oopsie! I Plugged In the Wrong Cable and Brought Down the Entire Mining Farm 

Yesterday there was a slight issue.

I kinda wanted to help the boys plug in all the new miners in the new container they just fixed, and I really just wanted to help! For real.

Just help speed things along.

But I plugged in the wrong thing and there was a KACHOW! and the lights went out.

Attention!!!!!!! We have continued electrical work in the container, so some of the miners will be offline again for a few hours.

Even my hair went a little frizzy.

I swear I was gonna cry but the boys said “Don’t worry, Libby. We’ve all done it before,” and they just went ahead and fixed it.

How nice of them.

So now the mining farm is back online.

Sorry about that.

You can join the farm here (I swear I won’t touch any cables)

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