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Where Are You Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day? 

What the heck is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

Well, it’s the anniversary of Laszlo who bought 2 pizzas for 10.000 bitcoin.

Yes, you read that right. Not a typo. Ten thousand bitcoin.

Now that’s expensive pizza.

But back then in 2014 bitcoins didn’t cost much. In fact, they amounted to about $30 and he had to wait for a month until someone picked him up on his offer at forum

Talk about a delay in pizza delivery!

In the end, Laszlo got his pizzas, the buyer got his 10.000 bitcoins, and his two little daughters did a photoshoot that went down in history as the first transaction with bitcoin with real-world goods.

Are you ready to show up to your local Bitcoin Pizza Day meetup?

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And if you happen to be in Athens, come by our own event, find the details here

See more Pizza Day events from our friends and partners:

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