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Playboy Bunnies Love Easter
Pleb Life

Playboy Bunnies Love Easter 

In a declaration that surprised nobody at all, Playboy Model, avid reader, photographer and bitcoiner Jessica Vaugn tweeted that Playboy bunnies love Easter. Duh…

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I’ve also made a Taproot Bunny using 3D a while ago.

It’s part of my Bitcoinavatars series which you can find on

Seeing this has given me the idea of establishing some bunnies for Love is Bitcoin. It should be fun enough, celebrating female sensuality and the wonderful beauty of the fairer sex. I tried to come up with a name, but ended up back again on the simple, descriptive Bitcoin Bunny. Just like Jack Mallers did back then with the Bitcoin Car, he didn’t establish any Strike branding on it, it was just the Bitcoin Car with the bitcoin logo on it. So, here are the Bitcoin Bunnies.

Well, they’re not here yet, we’re working on it. But they’re happening soon.

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