Lina Seiche is the creator of the Little Hodler, and frankly she has a plushie problem. You should see that Christmas photo with her collection.

Seriously, WTF, Lina?

Anyway, she’s offering some exclusive Little Hodler editions on her Patreon. Check it out here

There’s about to be a new Little Hodler edition, we have some insider info that we can’t share yet. Maybe it’s announced at her patreon, who knows?

Oh wait, here it is. The official Panties for Bitcoin Little Hodler! Get it at the shop while supply lasts!

Don’t forget the awesome, cute and brilliant comics that you can share with friends. Seriously you could orange-pill someone with those.

No matter what you do, make sure to enjoy some of the comics, share them with friends (they’re gonna love them) and maybe collect a Little Hodler or two?

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