Saylor Turned All of Microstrategy’s Emails to Lightning Addresses and People Won’t Stop Zapping Him 21 Sats

Walker tweeted:

“We’ve converted all the

@MicroStrategy email addresses into Lightning addresses.” –

@saylor on Cafe #Bitcoin


I’ve talked about this problem before, it’s nice that lightning addresses look like emails and they’re easy to remember, but they present a serious problem:

They look too damn much like emails.

That means people will get confused and try to send you an email to them. That’s what happened in the hilarious incident with Joe Nakamoto and the CEO of Coinbase, who still doesn’t know how lightning works.

My lightning address for zebedee for example is Which looks like an email. And I have that address on my twitter bio. Which means people might have tried to send me emails there and they’ve gone into a black hole of nothingness. I’ve tried sending an email there, it goes nowhere.

And I’ve asked zebedee if they can maybe forward my emails back to me, and they said they can’t. (I understand that they basically have to run an email server and deal with the whole issues that entails, spam handling, IP whitelisting and all that crap.)

And now Microstrategy issued lightning addresses to every company email.

And people can’t stop zapping Michael Saylor 21 sats, apparently.

So @MicroStrategy converted my corporate email address into a #Lightning⚡️ address and people keep sending me 21 sats…🧡


Stop it, plebs. He has enough bitcoins already (1 in every 150 bitcoins ever issued.)

Stop it, Billy.

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