Sexy Poems For Bitcoin

Leigh Cuen offered some of her love poems for bitcoin and we couldn’t refuse.

After sliding into her DMs at her request, we bought 2 naughty poems and paid over lightning to her Strike wallet.

Here they are:

Email from Rumi

Come to my side, I will open the gate.

We have always been connected.

Unlock me with your tongue. Plug into me

with bolts of tenderness. Our

unity revealed

is the light of truth manifest.

I was once the prisoner of

a little pond.

You are the sapphire oceann.

Come, merge with me.

You will find your spark deep

inside me

buried in a white seashell.

Stretch out your hand.

I will open the gate.

George Saoulidis

George Saoulidis is your new favourite bitcoin writer. Find all his stuff at

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