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Should You Invest in This Community Mining Thing? 

I got a few comments about this so let me write down my thoughts.

There’s a very deep need for what Infinity Hash is doing right now.

While we see from the other end of the pond big miners overinvesting, building massive facilities that centralize mining and putting them under regulatory control, these guys are doing the opposite, going non-KYC on everything, being self-sufficient by putting in their own funds and gathering community investors, and not catering to obscene regulations that are a clear attack on bitcoin.

Are they trustworthy?

I met three of the founders in person. I’m confident in investing an amount in their business.

Is it risky?

Of course, and they say so at every step. That’s why there are big returns.

Do they try to minimize risk?

Yes, with their experience in a cutthroat business.

Should you invest?

Only whatever you want to risk. The returns are there. It’s been a year already. Payments are fast and you can withdraw sats or tether to your own account.

How much should you invest?

You can start with any amount, even a single dollar. But there’s a nice giveaway happening right now if you invest at least 100 dollars. So, make a decision, and if you want to learn more go here and play with the profitability calculator

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