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Sleep Deprived But Happy
Life Like Lightning

Sleep Deprived But Happy 

Had a coworker mention today how much happier and confident I had seemed over the last couple weeks. I hadn’t really noticed it, being on the inside looking out, but he is absolutely correct. Even though I am massively sleep deprived due to Nostr, I am in a much better mood.

I can’t say for sure why, but I think it is because of Nostr. The community is amazingly friendly and welcoming, something I have rarely experienced on the Internet. Knowing that someone, somewhere, will say good morning if I throw it out there still brings a huge smile to my face. The sound of a zap is music to my ears, because it means someone actually cares about something I created or said. The act of sending a zap is just as awesome, being able to pay attention to, and actually value the contributions of my peers.

I hope this little community we have here can stay this way, at least in spirit as it inevitably grows. It is a positive force in my life, and I would like it to stay that way for a long time to come. Please leave a comment about how Nostr has improved your day to day. I would love to hear of your experiences, and hope you get as much from this as I do!

Thank You to every last Nostrich out there!

PV 💜🤙


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