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Snoop Dogg Holds His Own Bitcoin Keys. Do You?
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Snoop Dogg Holds His Own Bitcoin Keys. Do You? 

I have no idea what Wrestlemania is exactly, but since they’re inviting celebrities I’m assuming it’s a big show in America. Not even gonna bother googling it. The important thing is that Snoop Dogg, who despite appearances has made some solid business decisions in his past, was seen carrying a golden ledger wallet in a chain around his neck.

We all know that rappers carry these immense golden chains around their necks, it has become a symbol of success and a way to flash their coin around.

It’s conspicuous, making you a target of theft and kidnapping. But then again carrying around that much gold had the same effect, so it had to do more with showing you got the balls to parade around with that much wealth.

But why are they doing that?

Well, from what I know, in the US when you get arrested for anything at all they confiscate all your possessions except your jewelry. That loophole allowed rappers, who used to be underground and going against the system before signing up with the big record labels and earning millions, to skirt around that rule. So they started carrying more and more expensive jewelry on them so they could post bail. Obviously at some point it simply became a cliche and every self-respecting rapper had to carry some massive golden bling on them regardless of them being worried about posting bail or not.

How rappers used to be and how they are now.

I seriously doubt the golden ledger would serve the same purpose. As an electronic device, it would be confiscated along with any other ones like a phone.

But it’s a symbol of the leap in mentality, how these huge, heavy golden chains can cost the equivalent of a few bitcoins on a wallet.

And of course as we all know, Snoop can recover his funds even without the Ledger. All he has to do is remember his seed words and use any bitcoin wallet to recover his funds.

But I doubt the police would accept bitcoin payments, at least not anytime soon.

What do you think? Would you carry that much bling around your neck?

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