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Love is Bitcoin, a magazine about the human side of bitcoin. Based on lightning technologies and running under a value-for-value model with select authors in the bitcoin space.

Its goal is to promote the new emergent bitcoin ethos, that of low time-preference, self-improvement, entrepreneurship and family values. Visitors are encouraged to donate sats directly to the authors through lightning (called zaps).

Traffic sources:

  • Organic SEO
  • Newsletter
  • Twitter 12k
  • Nostr 2k
  • All followers are organic and aimed at the bitcoin demographic.
  • Authors mentioning their articles on our site after seeing zaps.

Current Sponsors:

  • Panties for Bitcoin
  • Orange Pill App
  • Bitkini
  • Mythography Studios

Sponsors get:

  1. listed at the homepage, 
  2. the footer area sitewide, 
  3. and also listed on every newsletter that goes out daily.
  4. Included in comparison articles depending on the product, e.g. “The top 5 hardware wallets.”
  5. an organic article that points to their product
  6. Video ad (Example Ledger )
  7. Podcast mention as a sponsor (Upcoming)

Sponsors are treated as part of the team and our social media manager makes sure to share their tweets and other announcements, trying to get a conversation going. She generally comes up with memes and opportunities for organic promotion.


  1. Basic sponsorship for 1 year. Listed at the website, above the fold homepage, included in the newsletter. Social media mentions, organic articles. Custom coupon code if applicable that is mentioned on the coupons page and on social media at any given opportunity.
  2. Advanced. Includes all of the above. Plus a custom photoshoot with the provided merch. This will be turned into one or multiple articles and shared on social many times.
  3. Premium Sponsor. All of the above plus video and photoshoots. Sponsored podcast episode with the CEO of the sponsor company as a guest. Full cooperation with upcoming promotional campaigns that you wish to run. Exclusive newsletters with your promo.

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