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Spot The Bitcoiner’s House
Bitcoin Art

Spot The Bitcoiner’s House 

It’s actually not just a house, it’s Bitcoin Park, which is a place that causes massive FOMO to the rest of us who can’t visit. “A community supported campus in Nashville focused on grassroots bitcoin adoption and a home for Bitcoiners to work, learn, collaborate, and build.”

Apparently the artist Cryptograffiti sent them a 25 foot bitcoin. That’s 7.62 meters in real-world units of measurement.

The comments on this tweet are hilarious!

Now do a bouncy castle!

This should keep those Greenpeace people away

That is a lot of gouda !

Looks like lots of fun. Somebody please send us a story from Bitcoin Park at some point, we wanna know what’s happening.

Friends help friends move their bitcoin off the exchange.

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