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Stack Bitties at Relai 

Buying bitcoin at Relai is so easy that I can even do it while taking my doggo out for a walk.

You can set up a recurring monthly buy, and in fact you should because if it’s over 100 euro you get a further 0.5% discount for the maximum amount on top of my referral code LOVEISBITCOIN.

It’s easy to set up with your ebanking app, and once you do, you can smash buy the dip while walking the doggo around the neighbourhood.

Most importantly, it’s self custodial so I hold my keys. Nacho keys nacho coins, and a bitcoin-only exchange that offers this is very important indeed.

Wen lightning? Soon.

They’ve added lightning, but it’s still not available to everyone.

The KYC is considered Light-KYC, meaning you only give your bank details which of course have been KYCed, but they don’t track you themselves. And it’s like that for up to 1000 euro per day, any more and you have to do KYC, you whale.

So, stack bitties at Relai today and make sure you use the referral code LOVEISBITCOIN for 0.5% less fees forever, Laura. Forever

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