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Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Listen to This Teenage Hacker Brag About Stealing Millions in Bitcoin 

By @verysmallclaims: I impromptu interviewed a social engineering hacker. Apparently, the 13 year old kid who owns the name coinbase in minecraft is one of these guys. Oh, and @Swan apparently you have a giant withdrawal awaiting verification. And it’s going to some hackers.

“If you were to see me in real life, I look like a regular child…you would never expect that this kid is stealing millions of dollars online.”  

By American HODL:

This moment from the junseth scammer interview is equal parts hilarious and genius. By belittling him, @verysmallclaims gets this young guy to then brag for 30 mins so he can prove what a “cool guy” he really is. Masterful social engineering of a social engineer in real time.

A masterclass in interviewing by Junseth

Listen to the interview here (mirrored because it was taken down by Spotify):


junseth (00:11.918)
Well, thank you, David.

What we’re going to go ahead and do today is basically set you up with a temporary pastor for the next 48 hours while specialists fully go over everything. And that’s going to be sent to the number ending in 4155. Do you currently have access to that number? I do. OK, perfect. So just let me know once you do receive that. OK.

I got it.

Mm -hmm.

one to two minutes, but I’m going to go ahead and do as well as update the API key and account just to ensure even more safety. Thank you for that. May I ask how’s your day today? Very well, you? It’s going good. It’s a nice day.

junseth (00:58.126)
All right, let me go ahead and process this here for you. So for 48 hours, you’re going to go ahead and use the password that was sent to you. And after those 40 hours are up, you’ll also receive an email kind of going over the attempt, as well as informing you that you are able to change your password. OK. And this is going to be sent over to junseph .gmail .com. OK.

you could go ahead and navigate over to your phone and you sure see the notification for account security. Did you get that? I did. You did it? I did. you did.

junseth (01:43.022)
You’re going to want to do yes and 50.

junseth (01:47.982)
I have one quick question, Caleb.

junseth (01:52.814)
Daniel, I’m sorry, what’s your last name?

about Daniel. Does your mother know that you scam people for a living? I don’t know. Calling them trying to change their passwords. You know, you don’t work for Google. Google doesn’t have my info.

I’ll shoot you over an email kind of confirming. yeah, go ahead and send me an email, Daniel, please. Sure, it’ll be directly from a Google domain as well. wow. Go ahead. -huh, you’re gonna spoof it, huh?

junseth (02:24.398)
Can’t spoof a header? Daniel, you’re an evil person. Your mom is disappointed.

You made a hundred grand, huh? From old people or from whom? One guy who’s for are you a fag?

Bye, guy.

Daniel, where you live? You live in America?

Yeah, out in California.

junseth (03:05.646)
No, yeah, we’re in California, San Francisco.

You’re saying yes to shit. What’s up? You’re just saying yes to shit.

Okay, how do I how do I get this job? I want I want this job

junseth (03:25.582)
It’s like social engineering, you know?

junseth (03:35.95)
I would never answer that.

junseth (03:40.686)

junseth (03:59.15)
Yeah, but did you did you hire yourself then? Are you working for like a company? Do you like apply for this?

junseth (04:11.822)
I mean, that’s it’s a crazy job, dude. You guys call me 400 times a day. Really? Yeah. Yeah.

junseth (04:25.934)
Really? Yeah. Why do you, why do you do it?

junseth (04:44.59)
Are you really making $100 ,000 a day? No, not a hundred thousand a day. How much you actually make?

junseth (05:05.262)
Fuck it, it’s your main $300 ,000 a month.

3 .4.

junseth (05:17.582)
When you say make, you mean like you’re taking that much out of someone’s account and putting it into yours. But it’s all crypto though. What’s the major Bitcoin, Ethereum majority? What’s the

junseth (05:38.99)
Hope you enjoyed.


junseth (06:04.142)
How in the fuck would I –

junseth (06:12.302)
OK, I. How do you cash out? Because that seems like the hardest part, yeah.

junseth (06:23.694)
Yeah, how do you buy a McLaren with your crypto?

junseth (06:40.238)
Are you mixing?

junseth (06:47.758)
Are you not mixing?

junseth (07:03.214)
You get the inputs. So your outputs are different than your inputs.

junseth (07:28.366)
I won’t say.

junseth (07:33.006)
His data is you all you. You can’t hack me because it’s social engineering, but. Your your friends data is good.

junseth (08:10.478)
Mm -hmm. She said that he was gonna get him to vault.

junseth (08:35.126)
Holy shit.

So if you get it, you get it. Like if you’re the one that gets the withdrawal, you get it.

junseth (08:53.646)

So OK, so you’re I get it. So your friend is giving you guys the list. He gives you the program. He does the calls and then if you guys get it, he gets 50%. You get 50%. Yeah.

junseth (09:17.934)
How many calls?

junseth (09:22.222)
How many calls a day?

junseth (09:48.91)
So you’re in California, so you’re starting at like 6 AM. No, starting at like 12. like three hours ahead. three hours ahead. No, it’s like starting at like 12. Six hours behind. So you’re starting at noon -ish in California?

So you’re starting calling people here at three. That’s about when I start getting the calls. So that makes sense.

junseth (10:15.086)

junseth (10:25.422)
Bro, you know what though? You’re what? Are you 23 24? No, I’m way younger. Way younger. Dude, this is gonna land you in prison. So hard.

junseth (10:52.334)
be like two years or less. But you’re gonna lose all the crypto. You’re gonna lose your car, you’re gonna lose your house, you’re gonna lose everything.

junseth (11:17.422)
1 .4 mil. So he went to jail and they only

Bill is a millionaire and he’s out right now and he’s a millionaire. He did this a few years.

Interesting. Yeah, I have friends with like genuinely 10 to 40 million dollars. So you got you guys don’t you know, you don’t care if you go to jail because you come out.

junseth (11:45.934)
But I mean, let’s say you get arrested. You don’t care because you come out a few years later, you have stuff hidden.

That’s crazy. Yeah, but.

junseth (12:03.15)

junseth (12:10.062)
We brought a McLaren.

junseth (12:38.51)
the McLaren dealer takes Bitcoin.

junseth (12:47.214)
I see. Interesting. Yeah.

junseth (12:55.822)
That’s crazy, man. So you OK. Well, that makes sense. So you have other stuff on the side than that you must do. That’s fucking crazy.

junseth (13:13.774)
you know, and like make everything just seem like.

in a real –

regular child, just a regular.

junseth (13:31.166)
You can’t, because you’re from McLaren. No way.

Next year.

junseth (13:52.302)
How many of your friends do this?

junseth (13:56.494)
We have our smoke.

junseth (14:04.974)
Yeah, like most of my f –

junseth (14:11.886)
And we all just do fun shit.

junseth (14:25.582)

and said.

My friend that is so OK. This is interesting to me. I’m older. So your generation. Has a contingent of people that are literally. I imagine your friend is a programmer. Y ‘all are getting lists. I don’t know where you get him probably from the dark web. And you’re making calls running your own script and social engineering to get people to give you their shit. Yeah, yeah.

junseth (15:04.782)
You can poke.

junseth (15:24.222)
you’re qualifying.

Yeah, this is I will say this is the cleverest one I’ve ever received. These calls asking for me to tell you whether I’m hacked or not.

junseth (15:41.614)
You know you’re qualified leads. OK, so like let’s say you called you get 10 people to hit one. How many of them give you money?

junseth (16:21.23)
You gotta hold that, because that’s hard. It’s hard to get rid of XRP off exchange. I guess you give him the gold bugs.

Yeah, I mean it was –

junseth (16:33.326)
So you just have a ledger there that you’re using to. To load up if you find a seed phrase. You don’t even need a ledger to load up a seed phrase. I suppose that’s true. You know what trust is. Yeah, trust. yeah.

junseth (16:57.614)
Interesting. So when our

junseth (17:07.15)
It’s super fucked up, man.

junseth (17:21.71)
You come from a rich family or poor family?

junseth (17:26.829)
She’s a really middle -class kid.

junseth (17:36.878)
And yet.

junseth (17:47.31)
My first car was a Plymouth Horizon with no heat and no air conditioning. Really? Yeah.

junseth (18:04.494)
You know what I mean?

junseth (18:18.158)
me and a few friends. My friend bought a 40 –

junseth (18:28.27)
And when are you, so when is enough for you? When are you done?

junseth (18:37.578)
I’m not going to say the amount, but I’d be…

junseth (19:03.374)
I believe my –

stole my cut and we just.

junseth (19:14.798)
is four mil.

So you have a partner in this, or you did.

So you get four million. So let’s say you get two million this summer. What next two million next summer and then you’re done?

junseth (19:47.694)
No college?

junseth (19:58.158)
So interesting, man.

junseth (20:08.27)
You know what I mean? Yeah.

I think even.

junseth (20:19.086)
giving me.

junseth (20:23.854)
to start off with and then boom, I think.

So why do you guys pick names and why are they like you’re the first one to call me who doesn’t have a two Bible names?

junseth (20:48.974)
Okay. But when I do Google.

junseth (20:55.118)
emails because I can like directly send emails from Google with like case IDs and everything. Yeah, using Joe your your your spoofing headers. It’s not even spoofing. It’s using Google forms. okay. You just but it’s interesting. It’s actually like

junseth (21:15.918)
Yeah, in that email.

template and it says Daniel on it so I just used that name.


You have to buy the program from your friend?

The one that gives you the lists.

junseth (21:39.694)

junseth (21:55.534)
Where’s this fucking source of leads? That’s crazy. Is he not buying from the dark web?

junseth (22:15.914)
You guys are good

junseth (22:24.494)
Yeah, we actually have…

junseth (22:32.686)
We’ll pay like a hundred to two hundred.

800k plots, you know what I mean? You’ll pay the like pay more you’ll pay Russians in crypto Do they only accept Bitcoin?

junseth (22:52.238)
So they’ll take whatever whatever though you got. Yeah.


junseth (23:04.526)

junseth (23:14.902)
How long before he spends it though? How many years is he waiting?

junseth (23:25.742)
He doesn’t post anything. He doesn’t like care about the…

Okay, so it’s like clubs. Like no one knows. His parents don’t know.

junseth (23:51.522)
So, any snack?

junseth (24:00.174)
Did your friend approach you or did you figure it out what he was doing?

junseth (24:16.27)
And then you’re up what playing a game and you’re squeakers and then he’s someone we need.

junseth (24:32.462)
give you this much and all you have to do is sit here and call people and say the script and do it. So he’s like the mastermind. You guys are, he’s, he’s the one that figured out the phone stuff. And then we’re making like pennies.

junseth (24:57.55)
and the one who disappeared.

junseth (25:05.134)
He was just…

junseth (25:12.27)
because they struggle getting good targets, getting good data, because like getting good data…

junseth (25:20.878)
one has like this piece.

junseth (25:27.758)
A lot of people just have garbage data, like public data, like people, because they don’t have enough money to pay for the good data. The good database is like 200k. Yeah.

junseth (25:44.046)
I mean, like small amounts here and there. But will we go?

junseth (25:53.326)
and they’re very doable. It’s honestly not that difficult. Of the people that hit one? Is it mostly old people?

junseth (26:03.022)

junseth (26:08.942)
See you yesterday.

poor guy.

But like, how are you like?

We know how to speak to people. We know what drives human psychology, greed and fear. You know what I mean? So either convince the target they’re gonna get something good or that something’s bad’s gonna happen if they don’t comply. You know what I mean? Look, I’ve talked to three of you so far. You guys are phenomenally good. I can’t even tell you, I know what it is. So I just like to go as far as I can down the rabbit hole. But you guys are phenomenally good at that.

Yeah, like it’s weird giving it a rage like all day every day. It’s just like great. You just make it

junseth (27:04.91)

junseth (27:08.682)
And just have fun. You hang out together? So you actually know each other in person now? yeah.

junseth (27:18.51)
I just thought you meant online, but you guys actually do live near each other and stuff.

junseth (27:41.294)
20 km on

junseth (27:46.126)
So you want to do that next year.

junseth (27:53.518)
Right, I get it’s what called it’s a ratio, right? Calls you get to amount of money you get.

junseth (28:08.494)
I have a sick admiration for what you’re doing, despite finding it disgusting.

junseth (28:22.99)
You know what I mean, like this is just like fun and easy.

junseth (28:30.894)
about watching a movie like…

junseth (28:39.598)

junseth (28:50.254)
Did I lose you? What ransomware is? Yeah, I know what ransomware is.

junseth (29:07.246)
a company to get…

junseth (29:15.758)
individuals you know what I mean yeah so it’s like not as like majority of

Even for big amounts?

junseth (29:35.374)
me and then they’re just gonna laugh in your face like you know what I mean yeah that makes sense

Wow. So don’t do a don’t do crypto lockers.

The ransomware don’t do ransomware unless you’re Russian and you’re off US soil but do social engineering if you’re on US soil

Also, I would say don’t keep money in any exchanges. Keep your money in your…

junseth (30:10.478)
and hide hide seed phrases in the ground. Yeah, OK.

Man man. But I wouldn’t keep money in…

junseth (30:28.462)
That’s crazy.

Daniel fake name guess you know you know my real name it’s been a weird a weird pleasure

junseth (30:45.166)
I’m going to tell you, you should stop doing this. It’s going to get you caught.

junseth (30:59.438)
You’ll be very good at getting clients.

junseth (31:06.03)
a lot of people on the top. How are you gonna explain that? For your first job? I used to do social engineering attacks.

junseth (31:20.494)
Man, you’re driven.

junseth (31:31.918)
straight and make

junseth (31:55.918)
to us. You know what I mean? Does she know what you do?

junseth (32:01.934)
That’s a liability.

I’ve seen you’ve been dating her a while.

junseth (32:12.91)
Whatever, it was 13 days.

junseth (32:18.382)
that’s a wow.

junseth (32:28.398)

junseth (32:34.062)
will be all set up. So I called in for the Gmail.

junseth (32:40.398)
Okay, from this.

junseth (32:44.198)
He’s going to receive the money for data.

He has zero dollars in his swan, but then we tried getting his ledger or his treasure seed and he was like, he was like, I’m never going to get it.

junseth (33:03.854)
she has in there.

That’s why he had to tell us because he needed to send in his public key so we can

junseth (33:16.974)
transactions how much he has. And we’re like, next day, got my other friend to call from treasure. We cashed out. You call them as if you were from treasure.

junseth (33:37.518)

junseth (33:45.07)
It sounds easy man. It sounds very very easy.

junseth (33:51.918)
once you know everything you’re doing, it is very easy. Once you like…

junseth (33:58.35)
Fucking how old are you 16?

junseth (34:06.158)
When did you start doing this?

junseth (34:17.581)
All of these kids that do what I do all come from my…

junseth (34:40.174)

junseth (34:52.878)
400 grand on that shit. And he did this?

He did this?

junseth (35:17.742)

Jesus, all right.

All right.

Good luck. All right. Thank you. Bye bye. Bye.


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