Do you love writing about bitcoin? 

Have an article or a story related to bitcoin that you want to share? We might be interested in publishing it.

Send it to

Make sure you include:

  • a name,
  • a photo, or anonymous profile picture is fine
  • short bio,
  • your social media e.g. your twitter or your blog,
  • and a lightning address you can accept donations on.

We do not pay for published content. Instead we work under the Value4Value model where we ask people to donate sats for something they like.

What sort of story we accept?

  • Non-fiction related to bitcoin or lightning.
  • A bitcoiner’s story, for example running a business, shifting to a bitcoin standard, that sort of thing.
  • Fiction related to bitcoin. Sci-fi, romance, contemporary, fantasy, whatever you can come up with that has bitcoin featured in it.

By sending us a story you’re automatically agreeing to give the right to publish it in digital format for as long as bitcoin exists. This right is non-exclusive, meaning that you’re free to post it somewhere else as well.


Is this a litmag?

Yes, it’s the world’s first lightning-enabled litmag. A lightmag, one might say.

Are you open to submissions?

Yes. Check out the top of this page and send all those things in an email

Do you want first publishing rights?


Do you accept reprints?

Yes. We don’t care.



What about non-bitcoin content?

We don’t want it. It has to at least be adjacent to the bitcoiner ethos, like low time-preference etc.

What about Blockchain, Metaverse, Web-3?


Who are the gatekeepers?

There aren’t any, just an editor stretched too thin. Be patient. Lower yo time-preference.

What happens if I don’t get accepted?

Try, and try again.

Will I get lightning donations?

It’s up to you and how well your story resonates with people. We’ll do our best to lead the reader into donating. And to cultivate a readership that appreciates good storytelling and wants to donate sats to writers.

What’s your cut?

We don’t get a cut. It’s paid directly to your lightning address, network fees may apply.

Then how do you earn sats?

With donations and sponsorships.

I got some sats! Now where can I spend them?

Now that’s a great idea for a story. You should figure it out and write it. For now, Try Bitrefill.

How do I buy sats to donate to someone else?

There’s a button inside GetAlby, that’s the simplest way. Otherwise you need to load your lightning wallet.

What do I get?

We provide you with an author profile on our site that you can fill with your link and story.

What is Value-for-Value?

Get rewarded by the community directly! With every article, our writers contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem and provide value to our readers. In turn, readers can tip the authors directly using a lightning tip button. 100% of tips will go straight to the writer.