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Is It Possible to Have a Vacation 100% on Bitcoin?

Apparently, it is. Self-appointed Crypto Disrespecter Eugenio shared some lovely photos from his experience during a bitcoin vacation in Uvita, Dominical and Ojochal CostaRica. I just had a 100% #Bitcoin vacation in Uvita, Dominical and Ojochal #CostaRica thanks to the work of @BitcoinJungleCR creating a circular economy and supporting many merchants and business. Zero fiat was used, no banks involved, […]

Should Bitcoiners Wear Bitcoin Clothes?

Andrew raised a good question on Twitter, Should bitcoiners wear bitcoin clothes? The poll answers were: No: It’s cringe No: It’s bad opsec (Operation security, meaning you give away your status as a bitcoin hodler and that might put you in someone’s crosshairs, like wearing expensive jewelry all over.) Yes: It’s cool Yes: Evangelism The answers were varied. Susiebdds said: […]

Who Are The Bitcoiners

Some articles by Tomer Strolight about the bitcoiner ethos: I have written several stories that attempt to describe bitcoiners, not Bitcoin itself. 1. Bitcoiners Are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity My most read article to date. It explains the issue of why bitcoiners seem hostile towards people suggesting they can ‘fix’ Bitcoin. https://tomerstrolight.medium.com/bitcoiners-are-not-toxic-they-have-integrity-bd866d2773e9 2. Rich or Poor, Bitcoiners Have […]