That Awkward Moment When Peter Schiff Is Hitting On Your Wife

Carla from our beloved cryptocouple reposted her Money Money Money and Bitcoin vs Gold satire that makes fun of gold.

Carla going full, “I licked it, now it’s mine,” mode. I can assume this is the money shot that made Peter sweat a little.

And apparently goldbug and bitcoin hater Peter Schiff saw it.

And Walker said:

Ummm is Peter Schiff hitting on my wife..?

Awkward. 😬

This is a more appropriate reaction but Walker is a great guy.

And it keeps on going!

Carla didn’t miss an opportunity to squeeze out more meme material out of this interation.

So…you think I’m cute 😉

Carla to Peter Schiff

Anyway. Enjoy the videos and zap the cryptocouple for the fun they bring in fungible assets.

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