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8 Bizarre People You’ll Only Meet at Bitcoin Conferences (#6 Will Leave You Speechless!) 

Bitcoin conferences are a melting pot of personalities, each bringing their unique flair and approach to the event.

Here’s a look at the diverse characters you might encounter at these gatherings. Which persona do you identify with?

1. The Chatters

Often seen in the lobbies or coffee areas, the Chatters are more interested in socializing than attending scheduled talks.

They can be spotted deep in conversation, networking, and catching up with acquaintances, or at side events like Bitcoin Runners, Choc Rocks workshops and Bitcoin Walks.

For them, the value of the conference lies in the people they meet and the discussions they have rather than the formal sessions.

2. The Hoarders

With a keen eye for freebies, the Hoarders roam the expo hall with an unwavering focus. Their mission is to collect as many promotional items as possible, from branded pens and T-shirts to USB drives and tote bags.

Armed with bags filled to capacity, they view each booth as an opportunity to expand their collection of conference memorabilia.

3. The Planners

Highly organized and detail-oriented, the Planners meticulously chart out their conference experience.

They have a clear strategy on which sessions to attend, often planning their days down to the minute. Equipped with schedules, these attendees maximize their time by ensuring they attend every relevant talk and workshop.

Their goal is to absorb as much knowledge as possible, often found taking notes and engaging in Q&A sessions.

4. The Busy Bees

These attendees treat the conference lounge as a satellite office. Armed with laptops and smartphones, the Busy Bees are constantly catching up on work, responding to emails, or participating in online meetings.

Balancing professional duties with conference activities, they often multitask to ensure they don’t fall behind on their responsibilities.

5. The Freeloaders

Masterminds of sneaking in, the Freeloaders manage to attend the conference and even VIP events without a ticket.

They skillfully navigate security checks and blend into the crowd, enjoying the perks of the event without paying.

Their resourcefulness is impressive, though their methods can be controversial among paying attendees.

6. The Tourists

With little to no prior knowledge of the conference content, the Tourists attend mainly for the social prestige or out of sheer curiosity.

They may be influencers or individuals who got a last-minute invite. Often, they are here to see what all the buzz is about rather than engage deeply with the subject matter.

For them, documenting the event for social media is as important as attending the talks.

7. The Shitcoiners

A distinct group with a clear agenda, the Shitcoiners attend bitcoin conferences to challenge the bitcoin narrative and promote their own alternative tokens.

Often armed with marketing materials and persuasive pitches, they engage with bitcoin enthusiasts to highlight what they perceive as the benefits of their cryptocurrencies.

This often leads to heated debates and spirited discussions, adding a competitive edge to the event.

8. The Plebs

The Plebs are the heart and soul of any bitcoin conference. Genuine enthusiasts, they are there simply to enjoy the experience and connect with like-minded individuals.

With a deep-seated love for bitcoin, they are easily identified by their enthusiasm and willingness to share their passion.

For the Plebs, the conference is a celebration of bitcoin culture, and they revel in the camaraderie and the sense of community.

Which Persona Are You?

Comment which persona you are when you attend a bitcoin conference and share this with your friends to see if you got it right.

No matter who you identify with, we always have coupon codes for the best bitcoin conferences you can attend at this page (It’s always LOVEISBITCOIN by the way so just give it a try)

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