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The First Bitcoin Car: Get Behind the Wheel of History
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The First Bitcoin Car: Get Behind the Wheel of History 

Imagine owning the Bitcoin Pizza.

Ew, that would be seriously mouldy.

Well this is the bitcoin car, and it’s as much a part of bitcoin’s history as the pizza.

Here’s what the auction says:

This is not just a car.

It’s a story. It’s a piece of history. It’s a LEGEND.

And this is your chance to become part of the Bitcoin Car legend.

So what makes this car so legendary?

In 2013, Bitcoin developer Rassah sold 1,000 Bitcoin to buy this Prius, which at the time was equivalent to about $22,000. This and the Bitcoin Pizza were the first notable purchases involving Bitcoin and shortly after this, Bitcoin exploded on the scene as a legitimate and accepted store of value.

The car became a symbol of the turning point in Bitcoin history.

And although the infamous Bitcoin Pizza box is long gone, the “$48M Prius” still remains… and you could be its next owner.

10 Day Auction drops Today

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