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The New Colourful Coldcards Are Quite Lickable

The New Colourful Coldcards Are Quite Lickable 

Libby has been asking Trezor for a pink wallet for a year now. But Coinkite delivered first, with their new line of colourful coldcard cases. They’re transparent as a security feature, so you can see it hasn’t been tampered with. But it all feels like the old Macintosh computers that everyone loved.

It’s the computers shown here if you’re too young to know about them.

I’ve been bugging trezor for a year now to make a wallet in pink and now I just may have to get a pink cold card. Here it is


She also found the orange coldcard quite lickable.

Here’s what Coinkite said:

By popular demand, the MK4 is now available in 4 NEW translucent colors Grab 1 of each + 1 in classic clear for a special bundled pricing:

Get the colour you want straight from their shop, visit here

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