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Bitcoin Art

The Search for Jameson Lopp Ep.13 

Behold; the world’s first cyperpunk-bard

🐰 Jameson @lopp becomes the world’s first cyperpunk-bard.

🐰 13; An auspicious number. Some say unlucky. Its not really luck though is it?

🐰 See the full orange-pilled poem:…

B is for Bitcoin, that’s good enough for me.

B is for Bitcoin, the currency that’s free.

B is for blockchain, where transactions securely go.

Oh, B is for Bitcoin, the superior dough!

B is for bullish, the market’s on the rise.

B is for bearish, when markets take a dive.

Buy low, buy high, that’s the golden rule

In the world of Bitcoin, where DCA is cool.

You can earn it in a cyber mine,

With algorithms and clean power so divine.

No physical form, just code on the net,

B is for Bitcoin, it’s our best bet yet!

Forget about dollars, forget about yen,

It’s all about Bitcoin, the trend’s not gonna end.

Unstoppable transactions with a cryptographic key,

B is for Bitcoin, it gives us liberty!

B is for Bitcoin, that’s good enough for me,

B is for Bitcoin, an electronic cash spree!

Oh, B is for Bitcoin, it’s changing how we play,

Invest in the future, watch it grow every day!

No banks in control: a decentralized dream,

B is for Bitcoin, disrupting the financial regime.

No inflation to fear, just a limited supply,

A peer-to-peer network whose time is nigh!

Nocoiners say “it’s risky, it’s a gamble”

But we know fiat always falls to shambles.

With wallets, keys, and the blockchain’s history

B is for Bitcoin, it’s not a big mystery!

H is for HODL, a mantra for the strong.

F is for FOMO, when you’ve waited too long.

The market’s wild, like a rollercoaster ride

But with bitcoin savings, you’ll rise with the tide.

B is for Bitcoin, that’s the coin for me!

B is for Bitcoin, the key to liberty.

B is for blockchain, a ledger that’s secure.

Oh, B is for Bitcoin, the only crypto that’s mature!

So now you know, from A to Z,

B is for Bitcoin, a system of rules with transparency.

Keep your wallet secure and your keys kept offline;

B is for Bitcoin, money’s optimal design!


My offer to support Bitcoin adoption

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