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Bitcoin Art

The search for Jameson Lopp Ep.17 

Fixing money fixes culture. Can’t have culture without content

Friends, I am in a dilemma. I need to make these cartoons sustainable. I have been looking into NFTs or ordinals as a way to gain community support.

@Liquid_BTC and @Raretoshi, @Stacks and @trygamma, @ordinalbots? All have pros and cons.

A decision must be made.

Some will disagree whatever I do. I love all my rabbits. To be clear to my technical friends, this is not about `worthless Jpegs´ this is about creating a sustainable model for delivering fun content that elicits questions for our experts to answer and helps to grow this new low-time-preference culture that abides in the beautiful moment and brings us all together around a common purpose.

Perhaps a sponsorship model may work? I am also making enquiries, but I favour the self-sovereign NFT idea. Raretoshi is the most ethical platform because it is built on Liquid. There is no special token except Bitcoin involved on the platform, but it is not fully functional yet.

The rat race is over, the rabbit hole beckons.

Which protocol would you use and why?


🐰 Rabbits seeking sponsorship. A reasonable price to a good home.

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