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The search for Jameson Lopp Ep.21 

Aqua wallet early opinion: State of the art assets and cross-chain interoperability are great, but will Latin American shopkeepers understand it?

The full capability of the Aqua wallet (@AquaBitcoin @AquaBitcoinES) is hard to sum up quickly.

Holding and trading Liquid assets, storing Bitcoin savings, confidentiality with Liquid and payments with stable coins and of course, with Lightning too.

This next generation of wallets to be used for everyday small-business in Latin America will need to consider carefully the balance between offering state-of-the-art assets on different chains with full interoperability Vs. the users’ ability to understand the pros and cons of each chain and asset and how to use them most efficiently.

It will be very interesting to see how user education can be made simple and rolled out without the need for in-person explanations.


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