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The Search for Jameson Lopp Episodes 1-11 

“No one has found the bottom of the Bitcoin rabbit hole”. 

Jameson Lopp

We want to understand Bitcoin. What is it? What can we use it for? What problems will it solve?

We are in search of the bottom of the Bitcoin rabbit hole. We are the rabbits! 

If you understand them, it means you understand something about Bitcoin. If you do not, then you have work to do!

DM me on `X´ @foxonform if you would like me to cover a specific theme.

Appreciation Zaps to:

Episode 1

Went on Pomp´s course in pursuit of the bottom of the rabbit hole. @KENNYDEGIGLIO @APompliano: Jameson @lopp was right though. The bottom is a LONG way down!

Episode 2

Week 2 of Pomp´s course. I realise that Jameson must have seen something close to the bottom while I am just scratching the surface still. The search for Jameson Lopp Part 2…

Episode 3

The search continues….

Episode 4

Feeling POMPED. Episode 4

Episode 5

So grateful to @vazertuche for helping me understand the POW mechanism before he even woke up this morning! I am a long way from finding Jameson but I am slowly getting it.

Episode 6

Finishing the course at #PompsCryptoAcademy. BIG VALUE!!! Drink orange wisdom through a firehose and like it! Discover that the rabbit hole is deeper than you thought, but now you will forever have companions to help you get down there!

🙏DO IT!🙏

Episode 7

Just over a week ago we left the #pompscryptoacademy and I can’t wait to go back to in October and get a bit further down the rabbit hole. Mr @lopp we can almost taste the freedom!

Episode 8

Interesting talk from Geetha Panchapakesan at Circle (USDC) today at the #pompscryptoacademyKey take-aways: Circle don’t believe the US-CBDC is coming anytime soon. (🙏) and USD expansion is growing fast via stable coins in countries where their fiat is taking dive.

Episode 9

Thanks to @AndrewSteinwold of @Sfermion_ for your visit to #pompscryptoacademyKey this week. Take-aways: Metaverse and NFT projects are just getting started. The only limit is our imagination. This is the rabbit hole for me! More digging needed to find Mr @lopp

Episode 10

Interesting talk today about BTC ETFs- Thanks to @EricBalchunas at #PompsCryptoAcademy today. Key take-aways: – Approval is imminent. – We will need to `trust not verify´ volume and market cap as we will not be able to check on chain. Now where did I leave my tin foil hat?

Episode 11

Thanks to @JoeConsorti for your Macro view at #PompsCryptoAcademy today. Key take-aways: Jerome doing a decent job of keeping us afloat, but the printing continues and something has to give. Bitcoin will be traded as risk-on for a while, so we have time to pick it up cheap.

Bonus: Maxi Behind You

Down the hole and into a network of interconnected burrows. Some rabbits do not want the hole to go any deeper…but it does and it will.

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