The Value of Every Athlete Globally Has Been Unlocked With the Lightning Network

The revenue model that has shaped professional sports over the past 100 years is about to experience a major disruption!!

Harnessing the power of Bitcoin, #Sats4Stats will allow fans from around the world to transition from spectators to game changers using the Lighting network.

Perth Heat in partnership with IBEX, will give fans the power to “boost” their favourite players by sending micropayments using Bitcoin’s layer 2 protocol, Lightning, which allows for instant low cost Bitcoin transactions

How does #Sats4Stats work?

It’s easy!

If you would like to reward or boost a Perth Heat player LIVE during the game, simply:

Use your Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
Scan the QR code on the screen
Select the amount of sats you would like to send to the player
Hit pay
The payment is INSTANT and the transaction GLOBALLY is completed with minimal fees.

Read what the people on twitter are saying.

Here’s a fan sending a lightning tip to his favourite athlete for a good pitch.

What do you think? Will bitcoin revolutionalise sports forever?

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