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The Wall Street Bull Got a Bitcoin Chain in This Epic Stunt 

Cryptocloaks has been teasing this for weeks now. First he asked for the bull’s horn dimensions, and some local pleb happily obliged with the measurements. Then he printed a huge bitcoin chain for it.

And now we got this ninja stunt.

Watch the video.

This all happened at night, naturally, but it stayed long enough for people to go and take some selfies with the Bitcoin Bull.

A comment from Cryptocloaks:

Huge Shout out to the Ninja that got it hooked.
You know who you are G. 🥷🤫

Another massive shout out to everyone who helped us raise funds via
to get Big Boy Bobby. We wouldn’t have been able to print it without it!

The #Bitcoin Community is the greatest.

It got taken down, but we still have it in our possession! LFG.

What do you think? Will we ever manage to orange-pill Wall Street or not?

You can get all the Cryptocloaks stuff here, they’re all very cool.

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  1. cryptocloaks

    Great write up! Thank you!

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