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These Hammer Guys Have Some Beef With Engraving Seeds On Metal

These Hammer Guys Have Some Beef With Engraving Seeds On Metal 

And who can blame them? Hammering stuff is awesome. I met these two in BTC Prague, we had a lovely chat, I got to see the Stamp Seed kit in action and they even gave me one to use myself. I’ll make a video about it soon, be patient.

James Caruso was very helpful in showing off the best method for securing a seed phrase on metal. We didn’t get any selfies together so the product photos will have to do for the purposes of this article.

What impressed me up close was this damaged plate. It had suffered some serious damage and the words were still legible, so there might be something to their argument of hammering the words deep enough.

Our titanium seed plates = honey badgers:

• 700K BTU blow torch 🔥
• Smashed with hammers ⚒️
• Bathed in muriatic acid 🫧

Each letter is still visible – zoom in. Many alternative methods would not survive this.

What was funny was that James wanted to give me a hammer as well. That’s how much these guys love their hammers. I didn’t accept it because of plane travel issues and because I have 3 hammers at home. This specific hammer is better balanced for precision and it has a soft brass head that gives way to the punch and doesn’t deflect the metal away, basically. But I should be able to make it work.

Look at those deep grooves.

Hammer beats engraving pen.

Here’s their weird beef with engravers here on twitter:

When it comes to preserving seed words, metal stamping with a hammer is superior to engraving with a pen.

✅ Legible letters
✅ Deeper markings
✅ Easier to do

You’ll be happier w/ your results when swinging the hammer 🔨.

Here’s some video action as well.

Check out their twitter, I suspect James is also behind all these funny bitcoin memes.

They ship from the US and that can get pricey. I got them in touch with Copiaro in Europe but I don’t know if the deal went through yet. You can ask them directly if there’s a cheaper shipping option available.

At a certain stack level it makes sense to secure your seed words on metal instead of just paper. House fires are very common, and even flooding, burst pipes can happen drenching everything. Greece for example is in a seismic zone and we do get a lot of earthquakes. Taking the extra step to secure the wallet makes total sense.

At the very least, you can get one of these seed phrase books. They’re made of stone paper and they’re tear-resistant and waterproof. I was very impressed with this paper, you can write with a pencil or a simple pen and once you let it dry, you can dunk it in water and it doesn’t wash away.

I’m definitely getting some of these for my bitcoin workshops and getting my students to start using them immediately to write their seed phrases down. They only cost $10 so they’re a no brainer. Get them here with the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN15 for 15% off.

All in all I like these titanium plates and I feel very confident suggesting them to every bitcoiner wanting to secure some generational wealth. Go to their shop, check out the quality kit and the other products and invest in securing your seed words on metal.

Visit and use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN15 for 15% off.

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