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This Bitcoin Driver Won His First Podium
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This Bitcoin Driver Won His First Podium 

Congratulations to Chris Mackenzie , driver of car 21, for achieving his first podium in his racing career! It’s even more impressive that this milestone was accomplished while his team was operating on a Bitcoin standard.

Check out the incredible move he made to secure the podium !

Here he is receiving the trophy. The man of the hour who put bitcoin and El Salvador on the podium !

if you’d like to drive #bitcoin adoption with us and kickstart your racing career, contact us today about our arrive and drive service. Currently @JasonADeane, @prem_zbd and @freeourmoney are enrolled with us, and loving every second of it!

Libby butted in and asked to become a racing driver too, and they accepted! Let’s see if watching all those Top Gear episodes prepared her for this.

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