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This is The Way
Bitcoin Art

This is The Way 

“In ancient times of Spartan might,
Brave warriors fought with all their might,
With spears and shields, they waged their fight,
For freedom and honor, their cause was right.

Then came the Ronin, samurai without a lord,
Wandering the land with their sword,
They sought revenge with every chord,
For their honor, they would not be ignored.

And in the North, the Vikings sailed,
Their longboats, fierce and strong, prevailed,
They raided and pillaged, their enemies impaled,
Their reputation as warriors never failed.

But now, in this digital age,
A new kind of warrior has taken center stage,
With Bitcoin, they battle on a different page,
For a currency that's decentralized, they engage.
No longer wielding swords and shields,
These modern warriors, their wealth now yields,
Through blockchain technology, their power builds,
A new era of finance, their future sealed.

So let us remember the Spartans, Ronin, and Vikings of old,
Their courage and strength, their stories untold,
And let us embrace the future that we behold,
With Bitcoin, a new era of wealth, we'll mold...”

Posted by Ronin21btc on twitter.

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