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This Man Is Not Satoshi 

We are all Satoshi. Except Craig Wright. This man, claiming to be him in a series of increasingly ridiculous lawsuits and defamation suits has targeted the entire bitcoin core dev community.

He has managed to get the site in the UK to be unable to host the bitcoin whitepaper. And he has chased after Hodlnaut for 5 years now.

Frankly, my eyes gloss over the endless facts against his arguments of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin. I see these tweets all over my timeline, I read the latest points and counterpoints, and it’s all so boringly tedious that even if you paid me 6.15 BTC to read them carefully I would reject your offer.

But, there are people meticulous enough to go through the entire stack of nonsense, patent claims, lawsuits, corporate entities and forged emails and papers to prove that he is definitely not Satoshi.

One of those men is Arthur van Pelt. In his medium blog and on his twitter he disproves every single claim Faketoshi ever made.

Read on.

And here’s the more recent court issues if you want to catch up.

Follow Arthur Van Pelt for his insight into this saga and zap him to support his work at

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