This Nerdminer Anthem is Seriously Catchy

There are so many exciting bitcoin projects going on. Seedsigner, Seedmint and now Nerdminer, which looks seriously cool.

I think it doesn’t mine that much in hashrate, it’s just a fun DIY project to get enthusiasts to run their own miner.

Listen to the catchy tune, the Nerdminers are already multiplying online.

We asked where one can get the parts, and we got this reply.

I’m not sure if that’s enough to get your new project going but I think if you message Hugo or any of the other Nerdminers that they’ll be happy to point you to the right direction.

The features of the Nerdminer as pointed out in another tweet are as follows:

✅ Stacking & spending Sats
✅ Air-gapped BTC-only HW wallet
✅ Bitcoin & Lightning full nodes
✅ Non-custodial Lightning wallet
✅ Providing hash power to BTC PoW

✅ Staying humble

Between the Blockstream Jade and the Nerdminer, it seems idealistic miners have some options to play with!

What do you think, will you make a Nerdminer for yourself?

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