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This Skull of Satoshi is Making Everyone Go, To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin?
Bitcoin Art

This Skull of Satoshi is Making Everyone Go, To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin? 

Something about this skull is making people a little bit crazy. Maybe it’s the eyes.

Maybe it’s the way it was born, out of mislead hate towards bitcoin and then assimilated into our pleb culture.

I designed this the day the Skull showed up on twitter and I tried to change it a bit, make it my own. We printed it along with my 3D print partner, GoBrrr. And the feedback has been amazing so far, people are taking the skull out on walks, taking photos while holding it up and reciting Shakespeare, the works.

Also the 2-part skull is cut right at the forehead, that enables you to put in a smoker.

Look at the reviews.

this is the dopest thing i have ever purchased

they threw in a steelqr plate, instructions for inscribing a seedphrase, AND an etching tool

5 stars, gg @GoBrrr_me


“If you don’t understand or don’t get it, I dont have time to try to convince you, sorry”.”

I am in love with him
. Thank you!!


You can order the Skull of Satoshi for yourself at

Make sure you use the coupon code LOVEISBITCOIN for 5% off!

What do you think, anon? Is it worth going all Shakespearean with it?

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