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This Song is the First One in History to Receive 1 Million Sats 

Ainsley Costello with her song Cherry on Top managed to become the first Platinum song on Wavlake.

Wavlake is a revolutionary platform for audio content that encourages listeners to zap the creators for their work. They’ve done great strides in implementing nostr as well, with a nostr-native wavlake player and much more.

You can listen to it on Wavlake and zap sats here. I had 60 sats on the Loveisbitcoin Wavlake account that other people had zapped for the podcast, and I used those 60 sats to zap Ainsley with a single button.

In her own words:

The power of⚡️? 5 yrs, 25 songs traditional streaming (66+ platforms, ASCAP, MLC) pays in rears 3 to 6 months = 5yr total $750.00 – OR➡️3 weeks, 3 songs on @wavlake THANKS to
@adamcurry @zbd @ltngstore & more 🥁 1,508,871 sats🌎 = $442.36 (USD) #Value4Value #⚡️is💛🙏


You can listen to the song on this page and also zap some sats to support this amazing effort. Linked on that page are a few interviews where Ainsley talks about this lightning experience and how it might revolutionize the music industry.

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