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Twitter / X Space: Does This Bitcoin Paradise Exist For Real? (With Captions) 

Libby discovered the Bitcoin Paradise at the tropical island of Roatan, and called Ariana to ask some questions about it.

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Hi there.
How is everyone?
So I have to add Ariana
That’s our speaker.
There she is. Hi again.
How are you doing?
I’m good. How are you?
I’m very good.
I’m very good.
Now that we are going to talk about paradise.
Are you excited?
Yes. I’m so excited about it.
I was just looking so much for this information and it came from heaven.
And now I get to talk to you and ask you all my questions.
So be prepared.
I, I am always prepared to talk about our Bitcoin paradise.
So first, could you please tell us where you are?
Like, I need to know, are you watching the sea right now?
I am looking at how it is raining on one side, on my window and on the other side this the sun is just shining through.
Amazing. I love tropical weather.
I know.
It’s so beautiful here.
They I honestly sometimes can’t believe that I live here because I can just wake up one day and say I want to go to the beach and I go and spend the entire day on the beach.
Oh, my God, I really need to go where you are right now.
Like, I want to live there.
I want to work there.
Trust me sometimes I think I’m still in a dream.
I’m like, Oh my God, am I really like living here in paradise right now?
Or… like somebody just pinch me and wake me up.
That’s amazing.
And have you always lived there?
Well, I was born and raised there on the island.
But I did live in other places.
But there’s no place like Roatan, honestly.
So I always come back here.
Yeah, I believe you.
Okay, so I want to find out more about this.
How can I get there?
How can I go see your beautiful land?
And. Yeah, I want to start by asking you a bit more about, Amityage, like in general, if you can let me know, like, what are you guys doing?
And anything you want to tell me
So Amity we’re the first Bitcoin education center here in Honduras and the mission that we have is to educate the people and Roatan and Honduras on financial literacy and the benefits of Bitcoin.
And we also do a little bit of mining in Paraguay, which helps finance the education that we do, in Roatan, Honduras.
That’s amazing.
And um, but you do this tours, don’t you?
Yes. We decided last year that we live in paradise. So Roatan Is a Carribean Island located off the coast of Honduras and we’ve said we’re one of the things that we want to do is make Roatan the Bitcoin paradise.
So we decided to create these tours where we want people to come and visit Roatan and they can help the circular Bitcoin economy here on the island. You can basically do everything
while you pay with Bitcoin on Roatan, you can pay for your wifi, you can you can go spend the entire day on the beach and pay for your drinks, for your food, and for anything that you want in Bitcoin.
That’s amazing.
So if you’re telling me that if I go there, like I can spend my sats and just have everything I need, like I don’t have to convert to some fiat, shitcoin?
You know, you, you get you can use your sats for everything.
You can use your sats to go.
You can even go to a private Cay.
We have a private Cay on here on Roatan that is called Brady’s Cay.
That is actually part of the tour, And you can you can use your sats to pay to go to this
to this private Cay, and you can go snorkeling when paying with that.
So you can hug monkeys and sloths.
And the sloths are so adorable.
I never get tired of seeing them. And you can do all of this
paying with sats.
That’s so cool. Like I’m so jealous about it.
I’ve seen those pictures of you hugging this sloth. And I was like, I need to be there.
That’s so cute.
Every every time I go there, like maybe once a month because you think that you’ll get tired of it. But you honestly, don’t and I always get this excitement every time that I see them and I get to hold them.
And they’re they’re so, you know,
they’re a sloth.
So they’re they very like slow and gentle and you can pet them.
And they also teach you like all of they tell you information about the sloth, how many hours they sleep and how much they eat. So you also learn while you get to cuddle these adorable creatures.
That’s so cool. I’m really an animal person. So you you really got me there. I mean, I was looking for paradise. And then I found out this whole other stuff about you being able to feed
and to pet these animals.
And I have a sense that they live very well.
They’re like, It’s not like this kind of, I don’t know, like this weird zoos It’s like a very nice place for them.
Do you feel that way?
Yes. Almost all of the places that we visit are strictly sanctuaries. We have they for instance, they want to farm. You can feed the iguanas.
You can hold maybe the tiny ones.
But other than that,
you can’t hold the big ones with you.
That’s got that.
There are an endangered species, so there’s a sanctuary that they have for the iguanas and it is not as so where they have them in cages, the monkeys are
they were all rescued from some danger so they cannot live in the wild anymore because they were they were captive when they were babies.
So they have the sanctuary where they take care of them.
Also, the turtles.
We have some we have a turtle sanctuary here.
And you get to hold the turtles, feed them.
And they’re all very they’re taken care of very well.
And we don’t have any zoos here in this paradise, because one of the other reasons why it’s Paradise is we don’t believe in treating the animals badly.
That’s so, so cool to hear that.
I feel like all the jobs you’re doing, like I mean, connecting with these entities and connecting Bitcoiners and with all these things that have so much value, it’s such a nice job.
And I think this comes through that you are focused in education like as an entity.
I really feel that this focus you have in education, it really communicates through everything you do because I can feel that we are talking about tours, but you’re telling me like it’s important to learn about these animals and they are all in sanctuaries.
So I guess that this is structural. thing about Amityage Being an educational center is very, very how can I say it? Like you can feel it in everything you do.
Yeah, that’s. Good.
That’s it.
Thank you for saying that.
Because that’s exactly how we feel.
Anytime we get people that are not locals, we love to educate them about everything to do about Honduras and Roatan, the history of Roatan, all the beautiful animals that we have here, and how to take care of, you know, our coral reefs, because we do have a very vibrant coral reefs here.
So if you’re if you love to snorkel you love to dive, this is the perfect place for you to come.
So we also encourage people to use the sunscreen or the the bug spray that is very friendly for the corals.
That’s so cool.
Before I ask you more about the tour, because I’m really interested about that part, I would like to for you to tell me like I’m thinking about this whole Bitcoin experience.
So I was reading a bit, I don’t know much about Prospera, but maybe you can like tell me a bit about it and then we can dive just into the tour and everything we can do there in the island.
So Prospera is a such a great place and it’s a free city and Bitcoin is a legal tender inside of Prospera. But so you can pay your taxes and you can pay wages with Bitcoin inside of Prospera.
That’s amazing.
How haven’t we heard about Prospera?
This is such a big deal.
Like having another place where bitcoin is legal tender.
I think it’s is really amazing.
It is.
It is.
We pay all of our workers, the Amityage workers here, the all their wages is in Bitcoin and we pay all of our taxes in Bitcoin as well.
That’s so cool.
So now, I mean, I love that part too, but I really want us to deep dive into this and the tours you’re making.
So, why don’t you let me like, know a bit like in general and then I go ask you some questions.
Sure, I can go on and on about these tours.
So whenever, whenever you have a question feel free to interrupt.
So, so the tours that we came up with everywhere that we go accepts Bitcoin.
So we on we have on boarded about 60 to say I think it’s 62 businesses now that we have onboarded that accept Bitcoin. And when we were creating the tour we wanted for
these places to be included into it.
So we spent a lot of time making sure that the that the tour is both educational, but it’s also very fun.
So every day we have, we have the agenda on our website and every day we have so many activities planned where you get to enjoy and you get to spend other time with different bitcoiners
from around the world.
The first one that we did in September, the demo one that we did, we had people from Slovakia, Czech Republic, France and from the US, and they all got along pretty great.
They all actually still.
still keep in contact. And that was the first time
that they were meeting each other.
And it was so great to be able to meet these people and just be with like minded people.
And we did so the first day we picked them up at the airport.
It was so much for receiving them and we got to know each other.
We then had a Bitcoin meet up and played some mini golf and I think that that was one of the highlights of the tour was this meet up that we did and it was all of them.
It was their first time actually in the Caribbean, so they were even more excited about that.
And we went to this private Cay that I mentioned, Brady’s Cay, and we had so much fun on the water slides and we did some snorkeling, some kayaking.
We went to visit also the east side of the island.
And that was a highlight for me because we got to see some wild dolphins.
So we were just snorkeling And then all of a sudden the captain of the boat, he says,
Oh my God, I think there are some dolphins further out.
And we kept looking and we could see them jumping.
So we went.
So we all got on the boat and we went looking for the dolphins to see if we can see them.
And then all of a sudden they just started jumping all around the boat.
And it was so magical to see that.
That’s so cool. So I have one tiny question that I don’t know if I catch it right, or if you said it.
So everyone who went in the tour, they didn’t know each other before this vacation.
No, they did not.
They did not know each other.
They all met while they were here.
Oh, that’s so cool. And you like.
I think that.
Well, that’s so cool.
Like, you have this huge thing in common bitcoin.
So I guess that was a very important aspect.
It really shapes you differently.
But not knowing someone, I’m going on vacation with them. It’s like an adventure, like a really different experience.
And I love to hear like how was it?
Do you feel that this group, like, came along together?
How was their relationship between.
Yeah, the common thing, there were two common things that brought them all together.
It was Bitcoin and the fact that they had never been to the Caribbean,
So they wanted to visit the Caribbean and they also wanted to meet some bitcoiners from around the world.
So that’s why they decided to join us.
And the first day I really noticed that they hit it off completely.
And then every day after that, there was such a it was such a great feeling, like such a great vibe in the group.
Like everybody understood each other.
We were all laughing and we were sharing.
We had like deep conversations and we shared like our different opinions on certain things.
And it was all it was all really fun.
And I spoke to some of them last week and they all and I asked them, you know, are you also in contact?
And they are.
And I’m so in contact with all of them.
So it was a great experience for me as well.
That’s very cool.
So I’m very I’m like, intrigued, like how many days this was like, how was the average day or do you have like different activities each day?
Yeah, so it’s 11.
We do it for 11 days and ten nights and every day we have like a different thing planned.
So like on the first day we pick everybody up at the airport, I personally go and receive everybody at the airport and then we go to this really great cafe that is called me crazy.
They accept bitcoin, so you can have lunch there if you want, or who just wants to have a small coffee or drink.
Some of them tried their first national Honduran beer there.
This out of the US and they really love that it became their their favorite drink of choice.
And then we take them to the hotel and then we just have a little meeting.
So I guess everybody gets to know each other.
And then in the night we plan the meet up and then the following day we had different activities where you can on the second day, then we, we had a little tour of our of our baby, which is the Bitcoin center here in Roatan.
And we also have the high school. So we took everybody there to see the non KYC exam that we have and to see the perfect view that we have of the island. We have a 360 view of the island
once you’re up there.
So there’s no better view than the one that we have at our Bitcoin center.
And on the third day we decided that we wanted to go to this beach that’s on the east side of the island, my favorite beach, it’s called Camp Bay.
And it is very it is the most for me, it’s the most beautiful beach on Roatan because it is just you get there and you feel it.
You’re like absolutely like floating away from your problems, that you’re just away from everybody else. And they would tease me about it because I told them that if they didn’t like the beach that I would no longer speak to them because it was my favorite beach.
So they all said they didn’t like the beach, but after they were just teasing me, they loved the beach because it’s just so beautiful and it’s actually one of the beaches that is mostly featured in all of the pictures that you see on our website.
That looks so beautiful.
I really, really I hope that I get to see it one day.
So. Well, you have been you said every day like different activities and different things.
And I was wondering like if if I would need, like any like vaccine or anything to get there or if it’s like, yeah, like, or health advice or something like that.
Because I’ve never been to the Caribbean So yeah, it’s something I wonder.
There’s no vaccines required to, to come here to, to this Paradise to Roatan.
The only thing that I do suggest is that if you’re if you have sensitive skin is for you to bring your personal moisturizer that you usually use for your sensitive skin,
because we have some mosquitoes here.
So that that would be the only thing like medical wise that I would suggest.
That’s so cool.
Oh, I’m also wondering, like, after this experience with all these bitcoiners and you keep talking to them, you say,
So what?
What this is like, is there a favorite part of the tour for them?
Or what do you think about their experience or anything?
So they all had different pieces that they liked of the tour, but the most common one that they had was the snorkeling because neither one of them have ever been snorkeling before, except for Dustin.
He had he is actually dives a lot, but all the other ones, it was their first time snorkeling so that was one of the highlights of their trip.
And we also did a catamaran Sunset sale where we were on this catamaran for 4 hours and it was open bar and we had snacks and we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset on there and that was the second favorite part for everyone.
Really sounds like a lot of fun.
Yeah, I’m like, I’m getting distracted by my own thoughts of being there.
Like, I’m just so amazed about how what are talking and how I am picturing this amazing place.
Like, I can’t believe I didn’t know about Bitcoin paradise before.
This is amazing.
Yeah, we thought that not a lot of people knew about it and that’s why we’re trying to bring awareness to it because we don’t want to be selfish and just keep this away.
We don’t want to gatekeep this paradise, you know, we want everybody to come and enjoy it.
Thank you.
That’s very how do you say?
Yeah, well, I’m just grateful that I found you guys.
So I was wondering.
So you sell this whole package.
So if I wonder about it, I have to go to the Amityage page, right?
Yes, you can go to If anyone has like, questions and everything.
Should they write to your Twitter account or is there like a contact page also there.
Well if they can write to our Twitter we can answer the direct messages but also on our website we have a form where everybody who’s interested, they can fill out and I will personally reach out to them and address all of the questions that they have.
That’s super.
So what’s so I’ve been looking at it and it’s I think it says it’s like all included? It’s up, right?
Yes. We have the hotel that is included in you have daily breakfast.
You have transportation that is also included for the 11 days and 10 nights that you will be with us.
The catamaran Sunset sail is also included and we have a private snorkeling tour and we have the that the east side beach that is Paya bay that is included. We have the Prospera tour
where you get to go see Prospera and if you if you have any questions on how they started or if you would like to open up your own business inside of Prospera. that is included into the tour.
So you get is like a Q&A and you get to visit the grounds and you get to see all the new projects and that also includes a lunch. And we have the Mangrove tour
the Fort Morgan Cay, Fort Morgan is actually where the pirate Henry Morgan where he and his crew were.
And you get you get to see where they made this.
It was like a storage cell that they made. And then they then they turned it into a prison cell.
So and you get to see that a wall of it that is still there.
And it’s so cool that if I ever go to jail, which I hope I don’t, but if I ever do, I wish I have a view like those prisoners that their view is just looking out to this white beautiful sand
and this crystal clear water.
So I don’t think they I don’t think they mind being stuck in that jail cell.
If I’m being honest with you, and we also have the Sloths and Monkeys that is included into the price as well, and we want to include a t-shirt and a hat from the Roatan Bitcoin Experience tour.
And there’s also the private island, which is Brady’s Cay, It’s an all day pass and that is included into the price.
So it’s a lot.
Yes, a lot is included into the price.
That’s so nice. So yeah, I just, I want to keep talking to you about this beautiful island, so I would like to know more about like, like living there.
Like, how’s your life there?
Do you live in Prospera or in other places?
If you could let me know, tell me about it.
No, I personally don’t live in Prospera.
I live about 6 minutes away from Prospera But it is one of my goals to live inside of Prospera
it would be my dream come true as a local.
I feel that some sometimes, you know, when you get used to living in a place, you’re kind of like, Well, what else is new? But then that only lasts for like maybe five or 10 minutes.
And then I realize that there’s so much to do here.
So if I want, like, a busy day, then I decide, okay, I’m going to work today.
I’m going to run a bunch of errands today. And if I just want, I really relax day.
I have so many beach optionsthat I can go to.
I can go either to the famous West Bay or to the famous West End or to the East side.
And it’s and then I realized, like, wow, Like not everybody gets to sit down and this is one of the biggest problems I have is trying to decide which beach I want to go to. And and then it hits me that I actually live in paradise because not everybody can wake up and say like, okay, what beach do I want to go to today?
You know, I have like, all I have is sand beaches.
I can choose from
That’s so incredible.
I want to have that problem.
It is a good problem to have.
So when’s the next tour?
Like, can I start booking right now or how does that work?
Yes, we.
You can start booking right away.
Our next tour is in February 2024.
The dates are from the 5th of February to the 15th of February, and we have different tour dates throughout the year as well.
So maybe February doesn’t work for you.
We have in March, April and we have one in May and then we have we have two in August and then we have the last one happening in September and then we won’t have any more until 2025. So if maybe the beginning of the year doesn’t work for you and may be further down in the year works best for you.
But I would really, really love for you to come in February because I want to meet you.
I want to go as soon as possible.
So I was wondering if you have all those dates, like, is the weather like always kind of the same or does it change through the year?
Like, how is that.
The weather does change throughout the year.
It changes in October, November, December and about the beginning of January.
It rains like on and off. So that is why we decided not to have any tours at that time, because we wanted we want when people visit us that they have the best weather possible.
So that’s why we decided on those dates and those months.
Yeah, that’s so cool.
So if I go in February or if I go like later in the year, it’s kind of similar.
Yes, that’s similar.
If you come in February, it is starting spring time here.
So the weather is very cool and the sun is out.
And I think between February and May, the weather is so perfect.
Sometimes in August and September, it’s a little bit hotter.
But if you don’t mind the heat, which I’m used to the heat.
So I don’t really mind that, but I think the best weather is between February and May.
Okay, that’s nice.
Yeah, I don’t mind the heat either.
Like, I think I might be allergic to cold, but yeah.
So. Well, it rained here a bit yesterday and it was kind of cool, like for me, and I felt like I was about to freeze to death.
So I’m not a cold person either.
I want to know more about.
So the animals tours, you do, or more in general?
Every tour. But I really like the animals.
So is that far away from where you’re from, where you’re staying, the place?
How does that work?
Like, does it take the whole day or how, how is it?
No the monkeys and sloths.
So where the hotel is at from the hotel to where the monkey and sloth encounters is about 5 minutes is a five minute drive. So and the whole tour takes about, I would say 30 to maybe 35 minutes.
It can be shorter if you want it to be, because you get to see guinea pigs, you get to see the monkeys and the sloths, you get to see macaws and everyone’s made me like an animal
that you want to opt out from.
You can do that as well. You can sit it out.
You don’t have to necessarily see all of the animals if you don’t want to.
And then from that you want a farm
that is like another 2 minutes away from where the monkeys and sloths is.
So it is very close.
The only thing that what that it’s a little bit far away from the hotel is the turtle sanctuary.
But that is because it is all the way on the east side of the island and you can only get to it on the speedboat.
So that’s where we have the speedboat tour.
And we do like the mangrove tours on the speedboat because that you can only access that through water as well.
So I would say that that is about 35 or 40 minutes away from the hotel. And that one is kind of like an all day tour
Very nice.
And so I was wondering, so does the group stay in the same place like in the same hotel. Or. Does it change through the these ten days.
No, we decided that we wanted everybody to stay at the same hotel the throughout the entire tour because we also wanted to get them give them a sense of somewhere that they can call it home I guess for the next 11 days that they were here on the island.
So instead of taking them from one hotel to the next, we decided to keep them in a very central hotel, which is the yacht club.
And we actually on boarded them to accept Bitcoin right before the first tour started in September.
So if we paid you pay for everything in Bitcoin and it is very central you can actually walk to the to the grocery store that they have it’s almost right across from the hotel.
So if you want to get some extra snacks or something, you can go walking to the grocery store is like a maybe like a three minute walk from the yacht club and everything else is very close
to the hotel.
The all the other activities that we do is very close to the hotel. We didn’t want to spend too much time driving around because we want everybody to get the most of their time.
Nice. That’s really nice idea.
I really like that concept of like staying in one place and feeling like you belong there.
Yeah, some sort of belonging.
Um, and how is this hotel like. Can you describe it to me?
Like, I’ve seen pictures, of course, of this A very beautiful pool that’s there in this same hotel.
The one in the pool, the infinity pool that is actually in Las Verandas that and that hotel in the town is actually inside of Prospera.
So it is and that is actually outside of 3 minutes away from the Bitcoin center that we have.
And I go there often because you can witness the most beautiful sunsets from there.
So I wanted to include that into the tour because I wanted everybody else to experience that.
But about the hotel, the hotel is actually one of the oldest hotels on the island of Roatan, and it was recently remodeled in 2020 and they reopened.
And when you go there, you can kind of see how it is a little bit modernized, but at the same time, it still holds the history that it has behind it.
And it is very pirate themed as well, because Roatan is known for having pirates back in the day couple of many, many years ago.
I am actually a descendant of a pirate myself, so they try to keep that that part of the history alive and the hotel.
So I didn’t know about this pirate history.
Do you think Satoshi might have hidden his keys in Roatan?
Or maybe.
Maybe you may have to come to find out.
We have to find the Satoshi’s treasure.
Well, you know, for people who like to dive, we actually have a dive spot that is called Satoshi’s grave.
We don’t know if he’s alive or use that, but we do have a spot where you can go and you can go looking for it.
And can anyone do that or do you have to like take some course and training for to dive?
And it is only if you are if you are a diver, if you’re if you’re only to snorkel, you don’t have to take any diving lessons.
Just need to learn how.
You just need to know how to swim.
But for diving you do.
Because the Satoshi grave I think is like 50 meters underwater.
So you need to go deep in the water to be able to find it.
So do you need like a license or if you have dived before you can do it?
Now, if you have dived before you can do it, you don’t need a license.
Now, that’s cool, because I have dived once before.
So you can do it.
We can do it together.
Yeah. Yeah. I want to go see Satoshi’s grave.
I feel like that’s a very cool concept because as we know, like, it’s so important Satoshis disappearance.
It’s so important to, I think, bitcoin’s ecosystem and everything like him not having touched any of his coins.
So that’s really cool.
And I think he knew he was like a kind of a soft spot for Bitcoin.
So picturing him dead is like sad, but at the same time, like kind of reassuring.
I don’t know.
Well, maybe he’s just hidden away, you know, in The tropical. Paradise.
I mean, if I was Satoshi, I would probably just chill in Prospera in, Roatan I mean, maybe we have met him before.
We just don’t know.
Can you imagine.
Yeah, that’s so cool.
Is there anything like you would like to? Because maybe I’m not thinking about the. The, I don’t know, the. What’s the most usual question you receive or something
you will like for our followers, to know more about.
These tours like maybe I’m not doing the right question right now.
Well of the one of the questions that I do get a lot is if there if you need a visa to visit here and you don’t, you just need your passport and it needs to be valid for at least six months.
And once you get here, you know, they stamp your passport and you and they tell you that the amount of days that that you have to be here in Honduras but it is usually about 90 days. So you don’t have any issues there.
You don’t need to issue like a special visa or anything.
Another question that I do get a lot about you already covered.
That was the weather.
And the weather is really nice here.
Maybe if it rains once or twice during like May, it is very is very uncommon. But right now we’re actually in the rainy season and that is why we did not plan any tours for the end of the year.
Mm hmm. Okay.
Um, so, yeah,
I was wondering what language do people speak there?
That is a tricky question because we have so many different people that live here.
You know, we have so many different nationalities that live here on Roatan, but the most common languages are English and Spanish.
So with English, everyone will be fine.
Yes, with in English, everybody will be great.
In Honduras, the national language is Spanish, but in Roatan, the native language is actually English because we belonged to England.
Many, many years ago.
So all the native speakers like myself, we speak English.
And so everywhere you go you’ll find English speakers.
That’s so interesting and nice.
I do feel like people has to start learning Spanish though, so we recommend people to learn Spanish to go practice Spanish in Roatan.
Well, you know, if you want to if you want to practice your Spanish, this is a good place to do it.
Actually, two of the ones that we had in September, Jacob and Tomas, they were practicing their Spanish with me and then they were teaching me. Slovak and Czech. So,so we were helping each other out.
So this is a good place if you want to come and practice your Spanish.
Yeah, because I feel like Latin America is like a very I don’t know, it’s like has a very up game.
about bitcoin? Well, I don’t know.
We have similar, of course, in Salvador.
We don’t know what will happen now with Javier Milei. Now that I’m learning all about Honduras with Roatan, I really think that people have to like think about learning Spanish.
Yeah, And you know, Spanish is kind of is a little bit I think it’s a little bit easier to learn than English.
So if you if you want to learn like a second language Spanish is always a great option.
Oh, yeah.
So yeah, I’m, I’m also wondering like, is there a lot of places to hang, like for people who like to maybe go to something more party like or places to chill coffees and everything like
I could do, like paint me a picture of what’s the scene in Roatan?
We have everything that you will ever want except for we don’t have a theater. So if you want to watch a movie in a theater, that’s the only thing we don’t have.
Yeah. Yeah.
I don’t think anyone would go to Roatan to watch a movie.
Yeah. Well, but we do. We do have, like, great party places like West. West End is like a beach and but you have, like different restaurants, different bars there. And that is actually everybody’s favorite place to go.
So if you want to chill you have like the bars are like really cool and you can just sit down and have a drink at the bar.
And if you want to maybe dance because I love dancing, I suggest going to Buddy Bar, or you can go to Friend’s Hideaway and if you’re in the mood to sing karaoke, we also have this place
that is very common on Thursday night where we actually went on the tour in September.
And since I am a very outgoing person and I knew every song everybody was singing.
I was just singing along with everyone.
And the following day I lost my voice.
But you had a lot of fun, I guess.
Yeah. Oh, yeah, it was.
I mean, it was worth it losing my voice, honestly, because I have we had so much fun that night and we were all dancing and singing and and so it is, it is a place for everyone, for you know, even if you’re different, if you’re looking to have like a good time at night or if you just want to relax,
there’s there’s always something for you to do.
We have small cafes.
We have like a workspace here where you pay like $12 for the entire day and everything is included.
So there’s options for everyone.
There’s a little bit to offer for everyone.
So nice.
I was wondering if just I want to last question because I don’t want to steal so much of your time If I want if I would like to go with someone else, is that an option or like, could I walk
for more than one people, for example?
Yes, actually, yeah, we’re we have we have the prices set. But if you if you share a room, if you want to come with and there’s a couple that wants to come, if you want to come with a friend
or somebody and you decide you want to share a room, you actually get 21% discount on.
My. All.
So you can book a room with with your partner or with a friend or family member, or you can book a room just for yourself and you can book as many as you want.
We do require 21% deposit fee and it’s not refundable and it’s only payable in Bitcoin.
So you’re telling me that if I get someone to come with me, I get a discount?
Yes. Yes.
You’ve got 21% discount for sharing a room with somebody.
So you need to get somebody that come with you.
So if someone there is listening and wants to come with, let me know so we can split this discount.
So before we wrap this up, I would just could we go over like the process of how would I have to
what would I have to do to to book the tour, to actually book the tour.
So so it is actually very easy.
You say that you go to our website and you go to the tour section and you fill out the form.
You just indicate the date that you want for the tour.
So you want to February one are the one in March, etc.
Anyone that you want, you just let it in the message and I will I will personally reach out to you and then I will answer the questions that you have.
If you don’t have any more questions, then you’re ready to make your deposit.
Then I send you over an invoice.
And that’s it.
And yeah,
and that is all. That is all.
And then we stay in contact in case you have any more, any other questions or anything?
If you want to even hop on a call with me, I am available for that as well. If you need help.
I mean your, your flight to get through on time.
I am. I am.
I can help you with that.
So it is often very easy and very simple.
Are there flights like directly to Roatan or do I have to fly like to Honduras first?
But we have direct flights from Miami and from Houston to Roatan.
So if you’re flying from Europe and you can fly from the U.S.,
I would suggest flying to either Miami, Houston, I’m asking you to go ten.
One of the guys that came from from France, you did you had a layover
and Honduras on the mainland, but it was only like an hour layover.
And then he came straight to live with them.
Okay. Nice. Okay.
This has been so cool.
Like, thank you so much for all this information.
I’m really happy about my discovery.
Like, I feel like I discovered it, but you are doing all the work bitcoin paradise.
Like I can’t wait to see because my eyes and I hope that we can do this sometime again, like I want to.
I want to learn more.
Maybe we can chat again, like let people know about this place.
I feel like everyone should know about it.
Of course.
I’m willing to answer any questions that anybody has, so I would love for you to come.
So I am very, very excited that you discovered us and you discovered Roatan.
So anytime that you want to do this again, just let me know.
So people remember you have to go to the page of Amityage look up for the tours and you can talk directly there.
If you have questions like directly in Twitter X or in the forum, in the page.
Is there anything you would like to to say before we say goodbye?
Well, I was I would just like to say I would love to have everyone come visit here on time because I want everybodyto just fall in love with Roatan the way that I am in love with it.
Oh, yeah.
I think that once people start like ooking this place up, everyone will want to go there.
Like, so beautiful, so much beauty.
It is, it is very beautiful
Thank you so much for talking with me and for giving us so much information about your beautiful home.
You’re welcome.
And thank you for for asking that question.
Sorry, I’m a very talkative person.
Know, I was very nice talking to you this.
Hour like, really flew.
I hope that we get to book. Yes.
Okay. Bye bye.
Bye bye.

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