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Unlock Daily Passive Bitcoin Income With Just Using Your Phone 

Infinity Hash: The Transparent Mining Revolution

Do you want to mine bitcoin on your phone? Just earning sats passively every day with your shares like Miner Libby. Sign up now

Meet Infinity Hash: The Future of Transparent Bitcoin Mining

Have you ever thought about mining Bitcoin, but were discouraged by the complexity and high costs? What if you could earn passive income from Bitcoin mining without needing expensive hardware or technical expertise? Infinity Hash is here to make that possible.

Why Choose Infinity Hash?

Infinity Hash combines the best aspects of cloud and colocation mining, creating a transparent and reliable system that provides long-term passive income. Here’s why you should consider investing in Infinity Hash Shares (IHS):

Transparent and Reliable

Unlike traditional cloud mining services, often plagued by scams and low profitability, Infinity Hash offers:

– Daily Bitcoin Rewards: Each Infinity Hash Share is backed by real mining hardware, ensuring daily Bitcoin payouts.

– Tradable Shares: Your shares in Infinity Hash serve as a tokenized stock of the mining operation, allowing you to trade them freely.

– Low Initial Costs: With investment starting at just $1, you can start earning without huge upfront expenses.

Current Project Stats

– 622 Miners in Pool: Join a growing community of miners.

– 72.71 PH/s Pool Hashrate: Contributing to a strong and efficient mining pool.

– 10.1630 BTC Lifetime Rewards: Your share of the significant lifetime rewards generated by the pool.

– $4.20 Share Price: Invest in a growing market where each share has a tangible value.

– 674,531 Total Shares: A broad base of shares available for trading.

– $2.83 Million Market Cap: A testament to the scale and reliability of the project.

Benefits of Infinity Hash

1. Low Electricity Cost

With an impressive rate of $0.045 per kWh, the energy costs for mining are kept at a minimum, ensuring higher profitability for investors.

2. Efficient Hardware

The mining hardware operates at 28.5 W/TH, ensuring energy efficiency while maintaining high performance at 108 GH/s. This approach makes the operation always growing and improving.

3. Community-Driven

A strong sense of community underpins Infinity Hash, fostering a supportive environment where members can learn, share, and thrive together.

4. Stable Cash Flow

Investors can expect consistent returns, supported by a stable cash flow mechanism that ensures regular and predictable payouts.

5. No KYC Required

Freedom and privacy are priorities, so there’s no need to go through intrusive Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

Do you want to mine bitcoin on your phone? Just earning sats passively every day with your shares like Miner Libby. Sign up now

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