Wavlake is Sick. I’m Bullish!

Hold On, What Is Wavlake Exactly?

Wavlake is an amazing example of value-for-value where you can interact with artists using boosts and messages over lightning! Wow indeed. https://player.wavlake.com/

Here’s a guide by Santos


The first step is to register an account and validate your email.


Next up. Fund your account.

Funding an account is really easy to do. I copy the invoice generated by @wavlake
and then I use my @zebedeeio Browser Extension to pay the invoice.

Play music & boost.

Playing music and boosting artists is ridiculously easy. This is pay-what-you-want brought to life. If only this existed back in the day of torrenting, we would’ve likely seen a difficult outcome.

I think this is Radiohead’s pay what you can come to life.


Done with the platform for a bit? Withdrawing your bitcoin works is easy when using the @zebedeeio browser extension. ✅

Could use an LNURL withdrawal or pay to lightning address to make things even simpler for users without a wallet on the web, though.

Kudos to @wavlake for a well done and responsive web app. You guys are building the feature here. I am very impressed 👏.

I definitely recommend giving it a try ⚡️

Course on @emeralizeapp available for 500 sats https://emeralize.app/course/purchase_detail/4/

Wait, what is Emeralize?

Santos made a platform where you can share educational content and get paid in sats! https://emeralize.app/

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