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We Asked the Plebs For Help Picking Our Podcast Name and the Results Were Interesting to Say the Least
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We Asked the Plebs For Help Picking Our Podcast Name and the Results Were Interesting to Say the Least 

We posted on Twitter and Nostr about ideas for our upcoming podcast. The comments were, as expected, hilarious.

Help us come up with a name for our podcast. Because you can’t possibly be a beetcoiner without having a podcast.


Here’s a compilation of the comments:

  • Call it “Freedom Corn” and only release it on nostr.
  • Little Bits of Love Podcast.
  • “#bitcoin from the loin”
  • …or “loins” Do I win sats 🥇?
  • Orange you glad it’s not a shitcoin podcast
  • What Bitcoin will doo
  • Satoshi‘s Lover Satoshi‘s love affair
  • MoonBeets (since you’re waiting on Beetcoin to moon!) BitTalk LIB Podcast Bitcoin Lingo I
  • BTC Podcast We
  • BTC Podcast Nakamoto Lingo
  • Love is boobs
  • Love Love
  • “The Beetcoin Standard”
  • The Heart Beet. But ONLY if you let me come on one show or gimme shoutout 😂😋🎤
  • The Beetroot
  • On-Chain My Heart
  • Podie Mcpodface?
  • Beetcoin Cappuccino Podcast
  • Love Is Bitcoin Vibes
  • That would have to be SatNaks, this name being that of Bitcoins creator is sure to go mainstream soon
  • Beetcoin S(c)oup
  • Love is Bitcoin says it all, stick with it
  • how about ‘The Beet’ (‘cause you hip 😉 X
  • Love Is Beetcoin
  • BitCast Keep it simple…. Just like @timcast
  • Bit of Love; or Beet of Love …Podcast

Hilarious, right? These are just the ideas from twitter. Here they are from nostr.

  • Corn: no not that corn
  • Beetrelax Nostress
  • The Beetcast
  • The Bitcoin Love Podcast
  • Zappity Zap Zap
  • Follow the rabbit: Our beloved Bitcoin
  • Little Bit of Coin love 😎
  • Love in the Chain
  • Beetcastr
  • Beet Around the Bush
  • I feel like “Love is Bitcoin” is the obvious answer here.
  • Lick my Beetcoin
  • Bears, beets, bitcoin.
  • Clitcoin
  • HODL Me Closer: The Bitcoin Love Story
  • Beetcast

Whee! It’s hard to pick just one. Log in with lightning by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this page and comment which one you like best, or with your own ideas.

Our podcast is coming soon. Subscribe at our youtube channel to get notified.

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