We Made a Sexy Meme of The Bitcoin Standard and Now 535 Copies Are Going to Every Member of Congress (Part 1)

The timeline of events is as follows:

  1. Libby dug up this sexy meme we made last year and posted it.
  2. Orange Pill App made a challenge as a joke about Saifedean joining their app and them giving each member of Congress their own copy if he did.
  3. Saifedean didn’t bite.
  4. Libby suggested they throw a steak in the deal.
  5. Saifedean accepted.
  6. OPA went Oh Shit That’s a Lot of Money.
  7. Geyserfund offered to crowdfund this for them.
  8. And now it’s happening. From meme to reality, bitcoin twitter is that crazy. Yes sir.

Here’s a happy Saifedean enjoying his steak and ready to connect on OPA:

So, get on Geyserfund and throw in a few sats to support this wackiness.


Get on OPA and connect with Saifedean, just because you can. (No assurances you won’t get lectured at)


And get yourself a copy of the Bitcoin Standard if you haven’t already.

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George Saoulidis

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