We Paid An Anon 69 Sats To Photoshop This Image And It Crashed His Laptop

We’ve stumbled upon a brand new way to generate content.

Libby saw this photo and asked the good plebs on nostr to photoshop the bitcoin logo on every single one of the golf balls. https://snort.social/e/nevent1qqsdq3m633y3wxnrjmqushs8y89ed72mya932lyrmztg7f5y2ljcyaskkkaat

Anon Tony rose up to the challenge. But he asked for a hefty price. He said he’d do it for 6969 sats.


We deliberated on the budget and finally said yes. After all, good negotiating takes a lot of balls.

Tony dove right into the task but stumbled upon technical difficulties within mere minutes! Oh no.


75 #Bitcoin logos killed my laptop 😂


But Tony is no mere mortal. He’s a bitcoiner, so he went right back in the game, baby.

With meticulous attention to detail and the promise of sweet, sweet sats, he managed to finish the task!

After approximately 200 #Bitcoin logos and 7 laptop crashes the pic is fixed 😎


Proof of Work, baby! Whoohoo! We paid the poor pleb his 6969 sats and there you go.

You can zap Tony yourself on nostr for a job well done https://snort.social/e/nevent1qqswwsagjqdy6hzhux82n26tz8ytgxrw05j9a9fe95rqxhyd5vvh2cc7fn738

Make a meme and send it to us, we might zap you as well.

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